Listen: Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romances” five remixes

Lady Gaga
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Lady Gaga has unleashed five all new remixes of “Bad Romance” – available today! Get “Bad Romance – The Remixes Part 2” now on iTunes!

Track listing:
1. Bad Romance (Grum Remix)
2. Bad Romance (Richard Vission Remix)
3. Bad Romance (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
4. Bad Romance (Hercules & Love Affair Dub Remix)
5. Bad Romance (DJ Dan Remix)

Please, let the Grammy Awards die

Lady Gaga 2010 Grammy Awards
Lets be honest, there are two reasons the Grammy Awards exist: Advertising revenue for CBS and so stars can pat themselves on the back. Well, one of those things will never go away, however as viewers stop watching the Grammys the advertising will go away.

The Grammy Awards will go the way of the CD and album. The Grammy Awards used to be exciting because you rarely got to see a rock star other than on television the few times they would be on. Even in the era of MTV you only got to see the video version of the band–it was like watching an actor in a movie. But now with Twitter, websites, tabloids and YouTube we see them all the time. In fact, we probably hear too much about them. There is only one person that anyone cared about this year: Lady Gaga. Why? Because she is so mysterious. She’s like KISS back in the ’70s. She’s always hiding behind these crazy outfits and makeup. But one star can’t carry an awards show.

So, its time to let the Grammy Awards die. Music artists are putting on their own shows every single day online for the entire world to see. How can you compete with that?

Lady Gaga to open Grammy Awards and lands 3 BRIT Nominations

Lady Gaga
Forget saving the best for last… Lady Gaga will be opening the show at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards on Jan. 31 with what is certain to be one the most talked about performances of the night.

Rumors are flying about who she’ll take the stage with on music’s biggest night, where Gaga is nominated in 5 categories including Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year.

Stay tuned for a Gaga Grammy wrap-up, including video of the performance!

Gaga Lands 3 BRIT Nominations

Gaga has made her mark around the globe this last year and has been duly recognized for her UK success with 3 coveted BRIT nominations: Best International Female, Best International Album and Best International Breakthrough.

Best International Breakthrough is open to the public and Gaga is asking all her little monsters to vote! For details, visit

Lady Gaga gets 5th #1 with “Bad Romance”

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
International pop superstar Lady Gaga today added another notch to her belt of #1 hits as “Bad Romance” climbs to the top of Billboard’s Top 40 Airplay Chart. She becomes the first artist in the chart’s history to send their first five singles to the #1 spot, and remarkably she has done so in less than a year. “Bad Romance” is Gaga’s first hit from her second album, ‘The Fame Monster’ (Streamline / Konlive / Cherrytree / Interscope Records.) Her debut album, ‘The Fame’, has sold more than 8 million copies worldwide, and her singles have sold an astounding 35 million digital copies as well. The album is the home to her previous #1 hits (“Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, “LoveGame”, and “Paparazzi”).

Says Lady Gaga, “Just six months ago, “Bad Romance” was nothing but a dream, a recurring melody, a lyric hidden on a napkin on my tour bus. Now, it’s my fifth #1 record, and a reminder to fans to always follow their dreams. I would like to thank all my beautiful little monsters and my incredibly supportive team for the most memorable year of my life. To have had such a phenomenal reception to my second album, ‘The Fame Monster’, is life-changing. I’m so happy I could die.”

Lady Gaga is wrapping up the first U.S. leg of her Monster Ball Tour this month, and after she performs at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on January 31 (where she is nominated for five Grammys), she’ll take a revamped Monster Ball Tour to the U.K.

Watch the video for “Bad Romance”

Lady Gaga to perform at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has been confirmed to perform at music’s biggest night, The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards! She has racked up FIVE nominations: Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year, and Best Dance Recording for “Poker Face”, and Album Of The Year and Best Electronic/Dance Album for ‘The Fame’.

Other Grammy performers just announced include The Dave Matthews Band, Green Day, P!nk, and The Zac Brown Band! Previously announced performers include Beyoncé, The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Antebellum, Maxwell, and Taylor Swift.

Lady Gaga’s live performances always steal the spotlight at every award show. But what will she have in store for this one? Will she set her piano on fire and smash bottles? Will she spontaneously start spurting blood mid-song? Will she shoot laser beams from her chest? Tune in to find out. The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards will air on January 31st at 8pm EST on CBS!

Is Lady Gaga the most over-rated artist today?

Lady Gaga Greets Queen
Sure, Gaga is able to make people talk about her. Madonna and Michael Jackson had the same ability–both of which influenced Gaga. But at least Madonna cranked out hit-after-hit. Gaga is just getting by. Why doesn’t Leona Lewis get the ink that Gaga gets? It’s because Gaga is interesting. Think KISS. KISS was a passable rock band who were lucky to make one hit an album, but because they wore make-up they became a huge phenomenon. Even the barely talented Marilyn Manson caught a wave of popularity for a cover song (see “Sweet Dreams”).

So is there anything beyond the Gaga shtick? Is she more talented at dressing herself or is she also a talented singer/songwriter? Or does that even matter? Is the only thing that matters is that she is entertaining? It’ll take a few more albums under her belt to answer these questions. For now, at least Gaga has added some excitement to the otherwise boring pop charts.

Lady Gaga “The Fame Monster” review

Lady Gaga

Artist: Lady Gaga
Title: The Fame Monster
Label: Interscope
Rating: 6.5/10

Corporate line:
“The Fame Monster,” in three different versions – a standard version of the new 8-song album; a deluxe version which includes both The Fame Monster and her massively successful debut album The Fame; and this collector’s edition super-deluxe art book version, which includes both albums, fanzines, 3-D glasses, paper dolls, a puzzle, pictorials, a lock of Lady Gaga’s hair and other surprises.

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Says Lady Gaga, “In the midst of my creative journey composing The Fame Monster, there came an exciting revelation that this was in fact my sophomore album. I would not add, nor take away any songs from this EP, it is a complete conceptual and musical body of work that can stand on its own two feet. It doesn’t need The Fame.”

“We may have an economy, but music has no economy. I will release four or more singles from “The Fame Monster,” tour the world with The Monster Ball Tour, and most importantly I insist on honoring my fans with an affordable new album, an album that is as loyal to them, as they have been me.”

“For those who do not have my debut album, there are a series of collectible double-disc editions that include both albums and artwork conceived by the Haus of Gaga in collaboration with our mentor Hedi Slimane. Hear the music, see the show, live and love yourself…Lady Gaga.”

The review:
Finally a personality has come along to unseat the beyond-her-prime Madonna. That is a good thing. But will it last? It’s obvious that the record label wants to milk every penny out of her current fame obviously nervous that it may not last. So we get “The Fame Monster,” unleashed upon us like Gaga has unleashed an epic that we need to enjoy more a second time.

The album is like the previous release–up and down. There are some good tracks and some that are lucky to be average. Yes, “Poker Face” is there; still alive and kicking. And yes, it is impossible to not sing along. “The Fame Monster” extra tracks are an additional eight songs, but there are more that could have been added. In reality, this should have been a proper album–which indicates something–the eight new songs were not deemed good enough for “The Fame.” That doesn’t mean every song stinks. “Bad Romance” and “Dance in the Dark” could have been held for a full release and settled in nicely on the pop-ten charts.

Gaga shows her true colors and how much she prides herself as a Madonna cast-off. “Dance in the Dark” is taken right from Madonna’s song book. “So Happy I Could Die” is all about loving herself–and no one else. Gaga is happy to tell us that she is the most important person in the world. “Teeth” is about being tied up–anyone recall Madonna’s “Truth or Dare”?

“The Fame Monster” is purely materialistic. Would you expect anything else from Lady Gaga? It would be difficult to take Gaga seriously at this point. When she tries to sound like there is a heart in there it rings hollow–just listen to “Speechless.” Lady Gaga has her place in music. She brings back fun to music even if it is shallow and pointless.

Semi Precious Weapons to extend tour with Lady Gaga

Semi Precious Weapons
Semi Precious Weapons
Semi Precious Weapons just announced additional US dates with Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour through 2010! They will be performing all over the country, including a four-night stand at New York’s famed Radio City Music Hall. Scroll down to view their revised list of upcoming tour dates!

As an opening act for Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour 2009-2010, Semi Precious Weapons has already begun receiving kudos for their outrageous live stage show! The Boston Globe raved, “Semi Precious Weapons split the difference between AC/DC and Queen with fierce frontman, Justin Tranter.” The band previously received rave reviews on their recent tours with Ladyhawke and rock icons The Sounds.

Even before they landed on the biggest gig of the season, Semi Precious Weapons turned heads and made music listeners take notice. SPIN described the band as “Like the Sex Pistols….. If they had emerged from Andy Warhol’s downtown Manhattan Factory Scene,” while Rolling Stone said “Tranter is like Adam Ant, T.Rex’s Marc Bolan and Ziggy Stardust wrapped into one, singing lead on AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black’”. After being named the “Best Band in NYC” by the 2008 Reader’s Poll, The Village Voice wrote, “Semi Precious Weapons are the most important band in America.”

Last month, Semi Precious Weapons took a break from their busy touring agenda to get back into the studio with producer Jack Joseph Puig (The Rolling Stones, Green Day). Stay tuned for more information about their upcoming album, on which Lady Gaga and Streamline Records President Vincent Herbert will serve as executive producers!

Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball 2009-2010 US Tour Dates
12/17/2009 – Las Vegas, NV – The Pearl
12/18/2009 – Las Vegas, NV – The Pearl
12/19/2009 – San Diego, CA – San Diego Sports Arena
12/21/2009 – Los Angeles, CA – Nokia Theatre
12/22/2009 – Los Angeles, CA – Nokia Theatre
12/23/2009 – Los Angeles, CA – Nokia Theatre
12/27/2009 – New Orleans, LA – UNO Lakefront Arena
12/28/2009 – Atlanta, GA – Fox Theatre
12/29/2009 – Atlanta, GA – Fox Theatre
12/31/2009 – Miami, FL – Knight Center
1/2/2010 – Miami, FL @ Knight Center
1/3/2010 – Orlando, FL – Hard Rock
1/7/2010 – St. Louis, MO – The Fox
1/8/2010 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre
1/9/2010 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre
1/10/2010 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre
1/12/2010 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre
1/13/2010 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre
1/14/2010 – West Lafayette, IN – Purdue University
1/16/2010 – Atlantic City, NJ – The Borgata
1/17/2010 – Wallingford, CT – Chevrolet Theatre
1/18/2010 – Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun
1/20/2010 – New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall
1/21/2010 – New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall
1/23/2010 – New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall
1/24/2010 – New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall