Is Lady Gaga the most over-rated artist today?


Lady Gaga Greets Queen
Sure, Gaga is able to make people talk about her. Madonna and Michael Jackson had the same ability–both of which influenced Gaga. But at least Madonna cranked out hit-after-hit. Gaga is just getting by. Why doesn’t Leona Lewis get the ink that Gaga gets? It’s because Gaga is interesting. Think KISS. KISS was a passable rock band who were lucky to make one hit an album, but because they wore make-up they became a huge phenomenon. Even the barely talented Marilyn Manson caught a wave of popularity for a cover song (see “Sweet Dreams”).

So is there anything beyond the Gaga shtick? Is she more talented at dressing herself or is she also a talented singer/songwriter? Or does that even matter? Is the only thing that matters is that she is entertaining? It’ll take a few more albums under her belt to answer these questions. For now, at least Gaga has added some excitement to the otherwise boring pop charts.


  1. Have you heard her sing live? Her voice is amazing. Just because she’s a little kooky and dresses funny doesn’t mean she doesn’t have talent. She writes her own music, too.

    Case-in-point: Amy Swinehouse. Her voice is breathtaking but the publicity has drowned that out and ruined her.

    Also, Madonna was a dog-shit. She never had a voice, she got into the music industry purely for attention. She was originally a dancer, but when she was told she was not good enough decided to take up singing. Madonna’s live voice is terrible.

    Lady Gage has talent and will be around for a long time.

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