Lady Gaga “The Fame Monster” review

Lady Gaga

Artist: Lady Gaga
Title: The Fame Monster
Label: Interscope
Rating: 6.5/10

Corporate line:
“The Fame Monster,” in three different versions – a standard version of the new 8-song album; a deluxe version which includes both The Fame Monster and her massively successful debut album The Fame; and this collector’s edition super-deluxe art book version, which includes both albums, fanzines, 3-D glasses, paper dolls, a puzzle, pictorials, a lock of Lady Gaga’s hair and other surprises.

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Says Lady Gaga, “In the midst of my creative journey composing The Fame Monster, there came an exciting revelation that this was in fact my sophomore album. I would not add, nor take away any songs from this EP, it is a complete conceptual and musical body of work that can stand on its own two feet. It doesn’t need The Fame.”

“We may have an economy, but music has no economy. I will release four or more singles from “The Fame Monster,” tour the world with The Monster Ball Tour, and most importantly I insist on honoring my fans with an affordable new album, an album that is as loyal to them, as they have been me.”

“For those who do not have my debut album, there are a series of collectible double-disc editions that include both albums and artwork conceived by the Haus of Gaga in collaboration with our mentor Hedi Slimane. Hear the music, see the show, live and love yourself…Lady Gaga.”

The review:
Finally a personality has come along to unseat the beyond-her-prime Madonna. That is a good thing. But will it last? It’s obvious that the record label wants to milk every penny out of her current fame obviously nervous that it may not last. So we get “The Fame Monster,” unleashed upon us like Gaga has unleashed an epic that we need to enjoy more a second time.

The album is like the previous release–up and down. There are some good tracks and some that are lucky to be average. Yes, “Poker Face” is there; still alive and kicking. And yes, it is impossible to not sing along. “The Fame Monster” extra tracks are an additional eight songs, but there are more that could have been added. In reality, this should have been a proper album–which indicates something–the eight new songs were not deemed good enough for “The Fame.” That doesn’t mean every song stinks. “Bad Romance” and “Dance in the Dark” could have been held for a full release and settled in nicely on the pop-ten charts.

Gaga shows her true colors and how much she prides herself as a Madonna cast-off. “Dance in the Dark” is taken right from Madonna’s song book. “So Happy I Could Die” is all about loving herself–and no one else. Gaga is happy to tell us that she is the most important person in the world. “Teeth” is about being tied up–anyone recall Madonna’s “Truth or Dare”?

“The Fame Monster” is purely materialistic. Would you expect anything else from Lady Gaga? It would be difficult to take Gaga seriously at this point. When she tries to sound like there is a heart in there it rings hollow–just listen to “Speechless.” Lady Gaga has her place in music. She brings back fun to music even if it is shallow and pointless.

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