Please, let the Grammy Awards die


Lady Gaga 2010 Grammy Awards
Lets be honest, there are two reasons the Grammy Awards exist: Advertising revenue for CBS and so stars can pat themselves on the back. Well, one of those things will never go away, however as viewers stop watching the Grammys the advertising will go away.

The Grammy Awards will go the way of the CD and album. The Grammy Awards used to be exciting because you rarely got to see a rock star other than on television the few times they would be on. Even in the era of MTV you only got to see the video version of the band–it was like watching an actor in a movie. But now with Twitter, websites, tabloids and YouTube we see them all the time. In fact, we probably hear too much about them. There is only one person that anyone cared about this year: Lady Gaga. Why? Because she is so mysterious. She’s like KISS back in the ’70s. She’s always hiding behind these crazy outfits and makeup. But one star can’t carry an awards show.

So, its time to let the Grammy Awards die. Music artists are putting on their own shows every single day online for the entire world to see. How can you compete with that?

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