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  • Chopper City Boyz – Interview

    Chopper City Boyz – Interview

    A chat with B.G., Snipe, and Gar.

  • Ali Vegas – Interview

    An interview with Ali Vegas!

  • Interview: Slim of 112

    With the success that his group 112 has had in the past years, it is no different that his success as a Solo Artist will be the same. Currently Slim is working on his solo album, “Loves Crazy.”

  • Dante Thomas

    If you haven’t heard Dante Thomas’ story firsthand, you might not believe it. Could Salt Lake be any further from New York City? It’s not just night and day; it’s almost heaven and hell, depending on where you are from. But one eighteen-year-old took on the impossible dream only to make it possible. The story […]

  • Sticky Fingaz – Interview

    in the fray with sticky fingaz! Forget any and all preconceived notions you have of Sticky Fingaz. You may have seen him throwing his guns in the air with Onyx and acting a fool in Next Friday, but there is much more to the man called Sticky. Lucky as I was to get him on […]

  • Jill Sobule – Interview

    If you think the career of Jill Sobule ended with “I Kissed A Girl”, then you’ve been mislead. Her latest release, Pink Pearl, is an amazing piece of work. I could have filled the following space telling you why you should buy it, but instead I spoke with Jill about her new release, being a […]

  • Somethin’ For The People – Interview

    Somethin For The People is made up of Sauce, Fuzzy, and Cat Daddy. Even if you don’t remember the track “Your Love Is The Shhh”, I’m certain you’ve heard a few tracks that these cats have masterminded with such artists as Brandy, Will Smith, and Adina Howard. I could go on and on about their […]

  • Pink – Interview

    Pink’s video for “Stupid Girls” is all about how fake celebrities can be, so it makes perfect sense that not everything in the video is real either — including co-star 50 Cent. “I live in L.A., so it’s obvious what I’m surrounded by…. I don’t need to name names,” Pink said recently (see “Pink Would […]

  • Naughty By Nature – Interview with Treach

    Treach had been elusive for the beginning of April. He seemed to be missing in action until his publicist contacted us and informed us where he had been; it seems that Treach had married his long-time love, Pepa, from the iconic rap group Salt ‘N’ Pepa. Treach surfaced on the Ricki Lake show where I […]

  • Melanie C. – Interview

    Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll know who Melanie Chisholm is. Well, using her full name might not be fair. Perhaps you know her best as Mel C, or Sporty Spice. You might not recognize her anymore. Her hair is short and spiky and her sound is pop and rocky. So what do […]