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slim of 112

With the success that his group 112 has had in the past years, it is no different that his success as a solo artist will be the same. Currently Slim is working on his solo album, “Loves Crazy”–he had a few moments to talk about music and life.

How would you describe and/or define the style of music that you create and perform?
Slim: It’s very classy, polished and a mixture of hip hop and R&B, but it definitely has swag. My music comes from everyday life and everyday experiences. The title of my project is Love’s Crazy and I say that love’s crazy, because love makes you do some crazy things. I’m talking about the good and the bad, but because I’m so optimistic and because God made love, when it goes bad i always try find the good in it. It differentiates me from other solo artist and when you listen to my lyrics, you can see what I’m talking about.

Do you have any favorite tracks you like from this album?
Slim: Right now I can’t really say there’s a favorite track; it’s like asking me which kid is your favorite. What I do believe is when an album is made; you should just press play and let it play till you hit rewind, you never wanna fast forward. This album is about setting a mood. If you are in a relationship with a significant other and you don’t have anything to say, this album is for you. Its going to do all the talking for you, it’s like a manual. If you’re trying to set a very good vibe, this album is for you, let it use you.

What do you think has been and will continue to be the key to your success?
Slim: Solid music, the fact that I know I’m a role model and keeping God first. That’s all I pretty much do. I’m a child of God and whatever he wants me to do I just let it be done. Music is a big way of touching people, that’s how I got everyone’s attention. It all has to do with longevity, and if you think about it 112 as a group, that’s the perfect example.

What would you want people to know about Slim, that they won’t get from the records?
Slim: I think that I’m very touchable; I’m very open and honest with a lot of things. When you listen to a record I say it just the way everybody feels it. I had a lot of fun with the single out now called “So Fly”. Its not a record where I’m just looking in the mirror glorifying myself, because that’s just not me, but is sort of like an anthem to people.

What does Slim do on his spare time, that’s completely away from music?
Slim: A lot of people that knows Slim know I have three boys and they know I’m very involved with them. I’m like a coach, daddy, pastor, I’m everything with these boys. Other than just music, I don’t really hang out too much unless I’m getting something done.

What keeps you focused?
Slim: The fact that I’m now a CEO and running my own situation. I know the potential of it and I know that I’m trying to be the next Puffy or Jay Z. so I’m trying to get my label off the ground which is “M3 Production”. That is definitely what keeps me focus, so I’m juggling the positions as a CEO and I also signed myself as an artist, so I have to be focused.

As of today what has been your biggest career highlight?
Slim: It might be this move, moving over from being an artist to controlling my own destiny, being a young CEO and partnering up with Asylum. It just feels good to speak to people like Joey Manda, and know that they actually believe in me and my potential. I definitely appreciate the Grammy’s and stuff 112 gave me, but this right here seems like I’m starting all over again and I’m starting from the ground up and I love doing that. It’s just like another one of my investments. I just want all the young artists out there to know that there are so many other avenues you can look at, but I chose to do it this way. For Asylum, this is actually their first time signing an R&B act, so it’s a great feeling. It’s pressure, but its history. I mean, pressure has been there all of my life; every time we put out an album with 112, we paid our bills on people opinions. I love pressure, because it either breaks the pipes or makes diamonds, and I definitely feel like I’m a diamond in the rough right now.

Is there anyone out there right now, that you would love the opportunity to work with and why?
Slim: I would like to work with Lupe Fiasco, great artist. I love his swag, and I love what he talks about. He’s a very complete artist and I definitely I hope I can find an artist like him to sign. A producer I would love to work with is Pharell. Also, I would love to do a duet with Babyface or El Debarge

What can we expect at one of your concerts?
Slim: Being entertained. The great thing about Slim is you get your moneys worth; because Slim has all of the 112 record. It’s like I’m shooting a movie and you’re in it and by the time you sit down it’s like I’m taking you on a voyage starting in 96′ and by the time you look up its 08′. It’s 12 years of strong music, you’re growing up and going through all the changes and at the end you’re like wow, I really got my money’s worth.

What would like your fan to take away from this album both creatively and lyrically?
Slim: I want them to know that Yes, they’re hearing slim through a solo project and and they will hear an incredible songs. I’m definitely going into the true essence and roots of R&B. I’m kind of walking the fine line of what is going on right now, but I haven’t abandoned my roots of R&B which I called the golden days of R&B (The 90’s going into 2000). The people that are 112 fans will not be disappointed, you’re going to hear the “Cupids”, “Were Done” adn “Can I Touch You”, because I love those kind of ballads, but then for the interludes you’re going to ask me why i didn’t make them into songs. It’s crazy!

I also want people to know that they’re growing with Slim, from being a young artist to a CEO. I talk to a lot of people on the road and they say they really wish R&B would go back to what it used to be. So if you support this record you’re supporting a movement that will help bring this kind of music back.

Are there any last thoughts that you would like to leave with us?
Slim: I just want to let all the fan around the world know that Slim is coming and thank you all for being very supportive. Also 112 is very much still together and you will definitely be hearing some more from us. Right now we are writing another chapter in our lives, the legacy to what is 112. If you look at the history of 112 you see that there is always a period of about 2 to 3 yrs before your hear a record, we do that on purpose, so all you 112 fans do not be worried, its all love.

Slim getting ready for Germany:



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    Why is Slim on his new album cover wearing the Star of Satan with a number 3 in the middle? That is in fact the Star of Satan/Devil and he or nobody can tell me otherwise!!! Did he sell his soul to the devil for the cd to sell big?

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    no u duck

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