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  • Alicia Keys biography

    What does it mean to be the proprietor of your destiny? If you’re a singer, songwriter, pianist extraordinaire, producer, author, news correspondent, award winner, philanthropist and actress like Alicia Keys, it’s probably perceived as affluence. For Keys, prosperity isn’t measured monetarily but through passion, self-fulfillment and life experiences. It’s this philosophy that has made the […]

  • Robin Thicke biography

    When you go to see a therapist, the first thing you might do is check his credentials. And Robin Thicke has got a whole wall’s worth of accolades to recommend him. He has won three Grammys. He’s written and produced for Michael Jackson, Lil’ Wayne, Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Marc Anthony and Jennifer […]

  • Lucas Cruikshank aka Fred biography

    Lucas Cruikshank is a high school student who has come to international attention as the creator of the wildly popular YouTube series, FRED. As the number one subscribed site in YouTube history with over 303 million views and over 1.3 million subscribers, FRED has launched sixteen year-old Cruikshank into super stardom with a world-wide fan […]

  • Miley Cyrus biography

    Young Miley Cyrus became an overnight sensation in 2006 as the star of the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana, but fortunately her family has had some experience with that sort of thing — her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, went from obscurity to stardom in a few short months when the song “Achy Breaky Heart” […]

  • Snoop Dogg biography

    The offices at the top of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood are home to some of Southern California’s most awe-inspiring views. Through the circular glass that adorns the iconic edifice, you can see the plush landscapes of some of the world’s most lavish neighborhoods. But look a little farther and you can just as […]

  • Brianna Taylor biography

    Youth, beauty, confidence and talent… Brianna Taylor is blessed with many gifts that move people to react to her in many different ways. She shares her gifts with the world in two ways – by releasing her sophomore album Fireworks At The Fairground via Chamberlain Records and by appearing on THE REAL WORLD – ROAD […]

  • Katharine McPhee biography

    Katharine McPhee warmly laughs as she confesses she’s been in “artistic hiding” for the last few years. “It took me a long time to figure out where I wanted to go and be as an artist,” she says. “I needed time to learn who I was as a musician.” Once she discovered the answer, however, […]

  • Mel B biography

    Whatever Mel B does – and it’s a vast and ever-expanding list ofaccomplishments – there’s a thread running through it.”I always have to do things that give me that butterflies feeling, challenging myself. I have to have something extra that stretches me, makes me feel like a whole person.” It’s true in her roles as […]

  • The Cataracs biography

    The Cataracs are two sharp looking boys, barely old enough to drink legally, who are making music for a new generation of listeners. With a smart, sarcastic sense of humor beyond their years, The Cataracs represent a blossoming young generation that is equally comfortable at a Jay-Z concert, as at underground rave or a MGMT […]

  • Taylor Swift biography

    Stepping off Music Row and into the small but stylish lobby of Big Machine Records, a visitor quickly realizes it’s not just the walls that reveal the story of Taylor Swift’s meteoric rise to stardom. Even the floors have a tale to tell. With much of the vertical real estate already claimed by industry awards, […]