Category: Movie Reviews

  • Pitch Black

    Cast: Vin Diesel Studio: USA Rating: 5/10 Pitch Black is basically Bats in outer space with a cool lead man and amazing special effects. The opening sequence where the ship crashes on a mysterious planet is perhaps the most exciting in the film. Like every scary movie, the cast gets picked off one after the […]

  • Notting Hill

    Cast: Julia Roberts Studio: Universal Rating: 7/10 Is it possible, in 1999, to tell a boy meets girl story in a way that won’t be cliche and boring? Can a major motion picture studio, with its eyes on profit potential, turn this tired formula into something the masses will pay to watch? In the case […]

  • Orange County

    Cast: Colin Hanks Studio: Paramount Rating: 6/10 Being from New York, I’ve only California dreamed. Orange County may seem like a million miles away from everything I know, but the film is a testament to the fact that every person and every town has the same problems and dysfunctions. Colin Hanks – yes, his dad […]

  • Outside Providence

    Cast: Amy Smart Studio: Miramax Rating: 6/10 The Farrelly Brothers (There’s Something About Mary) are back with their latest offering, Outside Providence. The coming-of-age film is adapted from a novel written by Peter Farrelly. Timothy Dunphy (Shawn Hatosy, the football player from The Faculty) lives up to the unprintable nickname bestowed upon him by his […]

  • U-571

    Cast: Matthew McCaughey Studio: Universal Rating: 6/10 There are a limited number of options for a movie about a submarine. In general, men in a claustrophobic space are chasing or are being chased by the enemy. This variation on a theme was explored by Crimson Tide, The Hunt For Red October, and of course, the […]

  • Varsity Blues

    Cast: James Van Der Beek Studio: Paramount Rating: 4/10 Though it would seem that Varsity Blues is only a football movie, you’ll soon realize that it’s really about being young and struggling to do the right thing now before the rest of your life finds you with regrets. The movie’s target audience is obviously teens, […]

  • Jakob The Liar

    Cast: Robin Williams Studio: Tristar Rating: 2/10 Robin Williams has established himself as one of the most bankable actors to date. His history in film covers a wide spectrum of outrageous comedy and some downright serious drama. After an Academy Award nomination for his role in Dead Poet’s Society, it seems he has found his […]

  • Jawbreaker

    Cast: Rebecca Gayheart Studio: Tristar Rating: 2/10 Never has a movie so wanted to be a movie it wasn’t. Jawbreaker wishes more than anything that it could be Heathers. Sometimes it wants to be Clueless. Strangely, I think it even wanted to be Grease. Instead, Jawbreaker is a Frankenstein of better high school movies, unable […]

  • Idle Hands

    Cast: Devon Sawa Studio: Columbia Rating: 3/10 Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. That is what Anton Tobias (Devon Sawa) discovers when he wakes up Halloween morning. The thoughtless teen, only interested in porn and dope and clueless to the world around him, he discovers that a murderer is on the prowl in his hometown. […]

  • Here On Earth

    Cast: Chris Klein Studio: Fox Rating: 5.5/10 Two of Hollywood’s rising young stars team up in this story of two teens from different social backgrounds brought together by a twist of fate. Kelly Morse (Chris Klein) just graduated valedictorian from his prep school in Boston and is heir apparent to his father’s huge corporation. Everything […]