Author: ccmorris

  • Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy – review

    Like the hard-rock equivalent of Brian Wilson’s “Smile,” Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy” was one of the greatest records that never was–a project more fable than fact, more speculation than actualization.

  • Q-Tip – The Renaissance – review

    Modern hip-hop and R&B music can both arguably be divided into pre- and post-A Tribe Called Quest for the artist known as Q-Tip.

  • Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul – review

    Oasis, one of the most commercially successful rock bands in history, release their seventh studio album (produced by Dave Sardy), “Dig Out Your Soul.” The group’s first album since 2005’s “Don’t Believe The Truth,” “Dig Out Your Soul” marks a new sound for Oasis. Hailed as the band’s best work in a decade, “Dig Out Your Soul” offers a musical oasis for rock fans everywhere!

  • Nightmare Revisited – review

    Artist: Nightmare Revisited Title: Soundtrack Label: Disney Records Rating: 7/10 Corporate line: With “The Nightmare Before Christmas” franchise growing each year, Walt Disney Records is releasing a brand new cover album, “Nightmare Revisited.” The album features unique, ALL NEW RECORDINGS on the eccentric cult classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” soundtrack, covered by a diverse group […]

  • Motley Crue – Saints of Los Angeles – review

    I grew up a Crue fan… and would have never predicted that they would ever disappear. They seemed like a franchise that could never die.

  • Alanis Morissette – Flavors of Entanglement- music review

    “Flavors of Entanglement” offers a plethora of highlights, including the hauntingly beautiful lost-love lament of “Torch,” the clear declaration of “Moratorium,” the hypnotic ebb and flow of “Tapes” and the aspirational “In Praise of the Vulnerable Man.”

  • Rambo – DVD review

    Twenty years after the last film in the series, John Rambo (SYLVESTER STALLONE) has retreated to northern Thailand, where he’s running a longboat on the Salween River.

  • National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets – DVD review

    Treasure hunter Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) embarks on a new adventure in director Jon Turtletaub’s sequel to “National Treasure.” Ben and his father, Patrick (Jon Voight), take great pride in their ancestors and their family’s devotion to the United States.

  • Untraceable – DVD review

    Directed by Gregory Hoblit (“Fracture”), “Untraceable” follows F.B.I. cybercrimes specialist Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) as she attempts to track down a serial killer who brazenly displays his murderous deeds on the Internet.

  • The Great Debaters – DVD review

    Denzel Washington directs and stars in this uplifting drama based on a true story about a small East Texas all-black college in 1935 that rises to the top of the nation’s debate teams in a duel against Harvard.