Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul – review

Artist: Oasis
Title: Dig Out Your Soul
Label: Reprise
Rating: 7/10

Corporate line:
Oasis, one of the most commercially successful rock bands in history, release their seventh studio album (produced by Dave Sardy), “Dig Out Your Soul.” The group’s first album since 2005’s “Don’t Believe The Truth,” “Dig Out Your Soul” marks a new sound for Oasis. Hailed as the band’s best work in a decade, “Dig Out Your Soul” offers a musical oasis for rock fans everywhere!

The good:
“Falling Down” – Noel offers the album’s best moment. This is similar to his collaboration on “Setting Sun” with the Chemical Brothers. This is the Noel gem that you always hope and wait for and he delivers.

“I’m Outta Time” – The best lyrics on the album come from Liam’s own pen: “If I’m to fall would you be there to applaud /Or would you hide behind the law.”

“Bag It Up” – Outside of the line about “heebie jeebies in a bag” this is a brilliant track that is closer to early Oasis than anything they’ve done in the last five or so years.

“The Turning” – Whenever Oasis is full of piss and vinegar it’s good for everyone. Liam snarls about shaking your rag doll, the messiah and fallen angels. What else could you ask for as they contemplate every sort of aspect of the rapture–it’s not clear if Liam is talking about meeting his maker or making babies. And then at the end it sounds as if Noel is paying a bit of homage to The Beatles with his “Dear Prudence” riff.

“The Shock of Lightning” – The first single has an urgency that is surprising for a band that is on their seventh album. It’s curious how much fun a song can be without having an discernible meaning whatsoever.

“Soldier On” – Dark, brooding and a smart closer.

The rest:
“Waiting For The Rapture” – Usually the songs that Noel takes on and sings are very good but this sounds borrowed from a John Lennon solo album without the brilliance.

“(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady” – This should have been left behind.

“To Be Where There’s Life” – The biggest miss as the boys try to get mystical ala the Beatles “Within You Without You.” The difference? The Beatles recreated a sound–Oasis made a mess of it.

“The Nature Of Reality” – This isn’t much better. This is some serious filler.

“Dig Out Your Soul” has its moments–both good and bad. It’s not as good as “Don’t Believe The Truth” because it lacks any really great moments. “Dig Our Your Soul” has interesting songs that take Oasis in different directions but nothing feels big, epic and burns in your brain all day long. There are no songs that grab you all day long and force you to go back and listen again. Oasis has always been a band that made you listen again and again except on “Dig Out Your Soul.” You’ll listen if you are a fan and you will find a few songs worth listening over and over, but where the hell is a song even as good as “Part of the Queue.” Those simple, splendid songs are all but nonexistent. I’ll complain but I’ll also be listening again tomorrow.

Watch the video for “The Shock of Lightning”


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