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Kari Ann Peniche
Kari Ann Peniche was born in San Diego, California on March 20, 1984. Following her parents’ divorce, Kari Ann and her brothers moved north to Gresham, Oregon, where she spent her adolescence as the typical girl next door. At the age of 12, and with the support and encouragement of her Mom, Kari Ann began modeling. It wasn’t long before she began to enter into competitions that lead her to win Miss Oregon Teen USA and Miss United States Teen.

With bigger plans and greater aspirations than wining beauty pageants, Kari Ann decided to pose for Playboy (appearing in the November 2004 issue), which launched her into the world of celebrity stardom and controversy. Stripped of her Miss Teen title, Kari Ann parlayed her new found celebrity into hosting Xtreem, a Seattle based TV show. Kari Ann was cast in Vh1’s Celebrity Sex Rehab where she became the break out star of that season adding to her controversial image by getting kicked off by Dr. Drew. Kari Ann’s star performance lead to being cast in Celebrity Rehab 3 with Dr. Drew and the yet to be aired Soberhouse 2.

In between a busy appearance schedule, taping reality shows, launching a swimwear line (Strung Out Girl),working on her autobiography (due out summer 2010) and launching a clothing line with her brother Tony Dimitri called Killing Beverly, Kari Ann decided to conquer one more arena and tapped into her musical roots. Kari Ann’s father was a professional musician and songwriter who achieved fame in Mexico, and singing was a talent and passion Kari had been anxious to pursue and with a December break in her busy schedule, Kari Ann went into the recording studio to cut a single.

Inspired by her experiences in the celebrity spotlight, and taking a title straight from the tabloids, Kari Ann co-wrote her debut single “U and Me and Tiger Makes 3,” with veteran producers and song writers, Larry Lee and Curt Cuomo. The result is a contagious pop song that will surely create a sensation both on the internet and in the clubs. The 3 minute Top-40 radio ready tune is the culmination of a constant theme in Kari Ann’s life, which is all about EMPOWERMENT!

With the release of “U and Me and Tiger Makes 3,” (available on ITunes February 2, 2010 on HOR Records), Kari Ann shows that she is not just another pretty face but in fact a woman with many talents. She has turned the, ‘Girl Next Door’ image upside down and into the ‘Girl Next Door…that your mother warned you about.’ Kari Ann’s message is about taking control of your life and taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Kari Ann is managed by David Weintraub and DWE Talent and you can catch Kari Ann on Vh1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew airing now and her single “U and Me and Tiger Makes 3,” along with ringtones available at all digital stores everywhere on February 2, 2010.





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