Jonas Brothers – A Little Bit Longer – review

jonas brothers
Artist: Jonas Brothers
Title: A Little Bit Longer
Label: Hollywood Records
Rating: 6/10

Corporate line:
Produced by John Fields (with Jon Lind and Kevin Jonas, Sr., serving as executive producers), “A Little Bit Longer” covers much musical and emotional ground, kicking off with the joyful jam “BB Good.” Says Joe of the track, “It’s a big sing-along song, and it’s fun.” The funky and danceable debut single, “Burnin’ Up,” keeps the party going, with Big Rob, the brothers’ hefty security guard, rapping midtrack. “It’s about this girl,” adds Joe. “Maybe she’s at a party, and you feel that immediate connection. You both know it’s there.” Though relentlessly upbeat, most songs on “A Little Bit Longer” explore star-crossed standoffs and missed romantic opportunities. Songs like “Shelf,” the hard-rocking “Pushin’ Me Away” and “One Man Show” survey love’s unequal playing field, bad break-ups and the defiant isolation that follows. “‘Shelf’ is one my favorite songs on the record,” says Nick. “Basically, it’s about a girl that has a gallery of hearts.” Other songs take a light-hearted look at the craziness of fame and fortune. “Video Girl” paints a portrait of the shallow wannabees dotting the entertainment landscape (” Move to L.A., got no talent/Not even like you won a Miss Teen pageant”), while “Lovebug” starts out as sweet-tempered acoustic love song before ending up a crashing Queen-like rocker. Of course, the brothers made sure the album breathes. The power ballad “Sorry” features classic JB harmonies and an eternal message of forgiveness. But the song that will have people talking is “A Little Bit Longer,” Nick’s stunning account of his struggle with diabetes. With strings underscoring a plaintive piano/vocal, he sings about his battle (“A little bit longer and I’ll be fine/Waitin’ on a cure/But none of them are sure”). Recalls Nick, “I was having one of those days where I was discouraged. So I went into this empty hotel ballroom and wrote this song.” Adds brother Kevin, “Nick sings this song every night and it brings people to tears. It’s amazing.”

The good:
“Burnin’ Up” – Justin Timberlake may have passed this song along to the boys. It’s interesting to hear the Jonas Brothers exploring different avenues and doing it admirably.
“One Man Show” – The kids, and maybe some adults, will be playing air-guitar to this song.
“A Little Bit Longer” – It’s surprising that this is the last song on the album–it is the one slower track that actually doesn’t try to be a pop song. It’s a nice ballad that definitely doesn’t suck.
“Video Girl” – This is the kind of song you could imagine Avril Lavigne singing about taking girls to task about wanting to be on MTV with lyrics like: “They all want the money/They’re all insane.”

The rest:
“BB Good” – You could see this being on a soundtrack to a tweener movie.
“Shelf” – One of the heavier rock tracks on the album–that doesn’t sound unlike something Cheap Trick might rock.
“Lovebug” – Very sappy and not as catchy as one might expect from the boys.
“Sorry” – This song is too far off track from the rest of what is essentially a rock album. This sounds more like a song for NSYNC.

Let’s not get too caught up with ourselves, the Jonas Brothers aren’t Cheap Trick, however you can’t deny that both bands have some things in common: pop-rock songs with elementary lyrics and catchy hooks. Yes, Cheap Trick fans will want to take me out back and beat me for making the comparison. Sorry, but there isn’t a huge difference besides the massive Cheap Trick songs and these mass produced pop-rock hits.

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Watch the video for “Burnin’ Up”





17 responses to “Jonas Brothers – A Little Bit Longer – review”

  1. Austin Avatar

    ARE YOU INSANE! That was one of the most amazing albums I’ve ever heard! You act like it’s pretty good in your writting and then you give it a 6/10! Are you insane? Seriously it at least deserves 9/10 or even a 10/10! It’s all new we’ve never heard this stuff from them before therir pushing boundries!

  2. me Avatar

    This album is amazing!!!

  3. I Avatar

    are you serious? you talked about it like it was so good, and then you gave it a 6/10. that says you didn’t really like it as you gave miley cyrus stupid horrible album 5/10…you’re kidding! this album was THE BEST. it deserves at LEAST a 8/10 if not a 10/10

  4. Caitlin Avatar

    Are you kidding me? 6/10? Ok it should be 8 or higher!!! This is their best album yet and definately out of their comfort zones. Well you are’t an original fan so you wouldn’t know that. But you were like talking about it like you loved it and you only gave it a 6? A SIXXX!!!!!! And your comparing them to Cheap Trick why? That’s just making them look bad. But you said there wasn’t much comparision between them so what happened with the six.

  5. nina Avatar

    are you INSANE? this album is so mature and grown up. there last album was AMAZING, but this one is just wow. you must be so dumb to give this a 6/10. and i’m not some dumb 12 year old. i’m 16 years old. the same age as nick, and close in age with joe and kevin. this album is jusr dowright great, every song is catchy and fun. its very realteable. overall, this album is a 9/10-10/10. you are stupid.

  6. Jenny Avatar

    i agreee it sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jackie Avatar

    ““Lovebug” – Very sappy and not as catchy as one might expect from the boys.
    “Sorry” – This song is too far off track from the rest of what is essentially a rock album. This sounds more like a song for NSYNC”

    are you kidding me ? those are my two absolute favourites on the album ! lovebug is anything but sappy !! and is extremely catchy, its everything and more that you expect from the boys ! And there is no way NSYNC could pull pull off a song like Sorry, the vocals and story behind the song are incredible !

  8. Kaylee Avatar

    NO LIE

  9. Tiffany Avatar

    Ah, and the Jonas fangirls strike back, lol. I am a HUGE JB fan, but the album could’ve been better. I only liked a few songs and it didnt meet my expectations. Kinda disappointed, I actually questioned why I was a JB fan after listening to it. I would’ve given it a 7 if that counts for anything, lol.

  10. nameless Avatar

    This was a fairly generous review; I’d personally have it around 4/10, considering there is MUCH better pop out on the market.. Not that I can blame them, but they have such terrible songwriting at this point in their career. I’m hoping they will come to find their style soon before this Disney bullshit teen pop ruins any chance of them becoming legit.

  11. Erin Avatar

    the album is AMAZING!
    and lovebug is actually my favorite song on the whole cd

    i think you def. should have given it higher than a 6/10

  12.  Avatar


  13. UK JONAS FAN Avatar

    Sorry this is long but my feelings are in need of being said:

    BB Good: Catchy, but not the best track on the album.
    Burnin’ Up: A wicked dance track that makes you want to dance.
    Shelf:Emotional track about how som girls treat guy the wrong way.
    One Man Show:Awesome song with fast chorus and rebelious in a funny way.
    Lovebug:Cheesy, but who doesnt like some good cheese?
    Tonight: Great guitar.
    Can’t Have You: An ok track.
    Video Girl: MY FAVOURITE SONG ON THE ALBUM! Hit out to all the money grabbing BITCHES!
    Pushin’ Me Away: A Steady beginnig with a crash bang style chorus.
    Sorry: Soulful track thats different.
    Got Me Going Crazy: The begginig of it is really genius
    A Little Bit Longer: I can def see why they named the album. i dont cry, but this song was an exception.

  14. Charlotte Avatar

    This Album Is Amazing…Love Bug And A Little Bit Longer Are My Fabourite Songs on it. I have read other reviews on this album and loads of people have been slating it…and saying nick wrote a little bit longer for sympathy…When he didnt he was just having a bum day and wrote what he was feeling…i hate people who slag them off if they hate They Hate Their Music So Much then why the hell do they listen to their music anyway?
    I Couldnt Choose betwwen the 2 albums i have of theirs cause i love them both…i have em both on my Phone on shuffle cause im really not botheres what song i listen too…
    Anyway i love the Jonas Brothers…Better Than any other band out there At the moment
    10 out of 10 for me 😀

  15. anonymous Avatar

    lol jonas brothers is a f***ing joke of a band,if you wanna listen to good music listen to metallica

  16. kaitlyn Avatar

    okay are you kidding me?? metallica is horrible. since when is screaming considered music and talent. sorry, my 4 year old niece screams louder than that.
    jb has major talent and its quite sad that you are jealous and feel so threatened by them you that you insist on insulting their TRUE talent.

  17. amy Avatar

    this is one of there greatest hits ever. who ever dnt think so then f*** off u haters n Joe ure the best ure so cute n i love the wai u rock out on stage xxx ly xx

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