Oceana biography

Oceana connects! Just as the ocean connects continents, this young singer joins soul music of the ’60s with modern beats and contemporary texts. Oceana connects black to white, funk to soul, modern soul to jazz and pop. She manages to transport traditional styles of music to the present day through her unusual voice, charisma and stage presence. Her music is international, authentic and bubbles with energy. It has depth and is fun, even when she sometimes lets the more sombre side of her personality emerge. Oceana (in her mid-twenties), uses her personal experiences in her lyrics to sing about desire, love and life.

It is said of many Artists that they are born with a gift for music. While this can be an overused and sometimes incorrect expression , it really does apply to Oceana. The release of her debut album at the start of 2009 surprised us all. Knowing the story of her background, one wonders how much a person can subconsciously be influenced by the lifestyles of their parents. Is there really a musical or creative gene? Why, otherwise, does Oceana speak more of having the need to travel than of being homesick and feels the desire to keep discovering new things and expand her horizons?

OCEANA’s mother, a German Haute Couture fashion designer, moved to Paris because of job and was immediately fascinated by its varied music scene. She was especially taken with the African rhythms and in the evenings she could be found in the city’s hippest reggae clubs. There she met and fell in love with an attractive musician from the French Caribbean colony Martinique. The fruit of their love, OCEANA, followed shortly. After spending her early childhood in the “City of Love”, OCEANA moved with her mother to live near Hamburg, where they lived with her grandparents for the next few years. Mother and daughter often lived out of a suitcase, travelling between Germany and France, where OCEANA’s father was working as a musician and DJ when not travelling around the world on tour. “I always received a lot of postcards from around the world from my father. He sent me photos and videos of gigs and I thought it was great to have a father who was a musician, even if he never picked me up from school and was not there for ballet performances. I never had the “normal” family life, which most people know”. As her grandparents were sought-after Artists, it was normal for OCEANA, from an early age, to be surrounded by singers, artists, musicians and people from the film industry. One afternoon she met the legendary musician Maceo Parker, a family friend, jamming with her grandfather in the garden. Maceo Parker often asked OCEANA up on stage at his concerts and last year he even gave her a solo during one. Parker plays an important role in her life.

From an early age it was clear which direction she would take. OCEANA’s whirlwind path could not be stopped. Her mother started taking her to concerts as a young child. She saw big name Artists including Ziggy Marley, Burning Spear, James Brown and she felt drawn to the stage, where she wanted to sing and dance. She took ballet lessons, danced through studios and at the age of five she was given a part in a film directed by Hamburg’s Lars Becker. As a teenager she won a music scholarship and had her first singing lesson with the Italian vocalist Etta Scollo. Her natural strength and disciplined nature have helped OCEANA to establish herself and make her way in the business.

Today OCEANA is a modern, confident young woman, who knows what she wants. She actually knew what she wanted from an early age. She moved away from home when she was 16 years old, travelling constantly for the next few years. “I always had an extraordinary lifestyle, was always independent and boxed my own way through life. I didn’t need pocket money – I learned from early on, how to manage on my own.” OCEANA never felt homesick, but always felt the need to travel and sees herself as a “citizen of the world”. A real cosmopolitan, she has lived in Paris, Hamburg, London, New York, Los Angeles and a fair amount of time in Martinique, in order to discover her Caribbean roots. She earned her living through gigs and was constantly improving her knowledge of song and dance. Aside from music, she is particularly interested in fashion and photography. She is also very loyal to her family and friends.

When she moved back to Germany she worked as choreographer on videos for Seeed and Fettes Brot. She has also worked as a backing singer for Seeed’s lead vocalist Demba Nabé and has gained live stage experience on tour with Seeed and Boundzound. Just lately she was support act for Germany’s Peter Fox.

It was Maceo Parker, who last year made her finally start thinking about working on her own career as a vocalist. “He gave me the deciding PUSH! Over the years I had kept writing my own material, but after a concert Maceo said to me “You’re ready now; do your own thing!””. Luckily this sentence took seed and she did not forget it. She started working in London on several songs and travelled to New York to record her debut album “LOVE SUPPLY”. Suddenly things started to move quickly, the team worked well and they produced a fantastic album in a short period of time, which mixes the finest soul-pop, funk, R’n’B and reggae to make the rounded, international-sounding, top-quality album.

Video: Jessie James “Boys in the Summer”

Jesse James
Jesse James
Why should California Gurls have all the fun? Jessie James carries the torch for southern pop, as the 22-year-old Georgia girl comes with the heat on “Boys in the Summer,” the first single from her sophomore Mercury Records album, on sale now at digital retailers including iTunes!

Co-written by Jessie with James Michael (Motley Crue, Papa Roach, Alanis Morissette), and opening with some bluesy rock guitar riffs right out of ZZ Top, “Boys in the Summer” imagines it’s “hot as hell, even in the shade,” while squeezing out a little bit of lemonade, standing on line at the Dairy Queen or laying on the hood of your car.

Jessie explains the simple meaning behind the sassy lyrics: “It was inspired by an ex-boyfriend who I wasn’t really attracted to until the summer,” she laughs. “That’s when he had a tan and a little bit more muscle from being in the sun.” A perfect summer party jam, the single impacts at Top 40 radio on July 12th, at pop and country radio on July 13th, and at Hot AC on July 19th.

Video: Enrique Iglesias feature T.I. “I Like It”

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias
‘I Like It’ is the first international single from the forthcoming album, produced by Red One, it features a vocal cameo from Lionel Richie, reprising the chorus of his timeless hit ‘All Night Long’. The track is an upbeat floor-filler and comes backed with a crazy hot remix from #1 selling US rapper Pitbull (‘I Know You Want Me’). Enrique was thrilled to work with his friend Lionel Richie, but it was Pitbull who really took it out of him. “Man, working with Pitbull, it’s like he’s got everybody in the world’s mojo, his energy is so intense. And shooting the video together was just insane… ”

Billy Ray Cyrus starts new band Brother Clyde

Brother Clyde
Brother Clyde
Brother Clyde is the new rock band started by country star Billy Ray Cyrus. The Los Angeles based combo also features Samantha Maloney (Mötley Crüe, Hole, Eagles of Death Metal) and guitarist Jamie Miller (theSTART, Snot), within its ranks. The band will be releasing their self-titled debut album on August 10th via Buena Vista Records/Fontana. The first single from Brother Clyde, “Lately,” is available now on iTunes.

“I always loved rock ‘n’ roll,” Cyrus says. “That was a heavy part of what I was as a young juvenile delinquent. I tried from my first album to rock like any other Southern rock band.” Fate – and country music immortality – intervened, but for Brother Clyde, he followed an oh-so-rock-and-roll dictum: No rules. No limits. No preconceptions.

Cyrus not only produced the album, he co-wrote most of the songs, several with Morris Joseph Tancredi, a musician he met under unlikely of circumstances. Tancredi was his driver in Vancouver, B.C., during production of the 2009 film, “Christmas in Canaan.” Recalls Cyrus, “This kid asks me what I’m doing now musically. I played him the first song I had written for Brother Clyde, “Crawl”, and he says, ‘I didn’t know you did that. That’s straight up alternative rock.’ Then he said, ‘I have some stuff of my own you gotta hear.”

The first single from Brother Clyde, “Lately,” was written by Tancredi, and is available now on iTunes. After a few acoustic grace notes, the song comes down hard with a broadsword of power chords and a lamentation about a faithless world. With its throaty harmonies, “Lie to Me” picks up on the theme, only writ small, tracing the lines of a ruined relationship. There’s no let-up with “Waiting,” a punishing rocker drawing from an emotional pool of deep sadness yet a will to survive. Cyrus digs even deeper on “Slip Away,” “How Long” and “Crawl,” the latter a rocker with echoes of Jane’s Addiction at its most furious.

Brother Clyde also features the irresistible track, “The Right Time,” an upbeat duet between Cyrus and a shockingly hard-rocking Dolly Parton. “Dolly she said she wanted to rock,” remembers Cyrus, who had been working with Dolly on a film. “She came to my studio, brought homemade corn, mashed potatoes and a spread of country cooking. We ate, played guitar for an hour then she just kicked ass. She became like Tina Turner. You could tell she really wanted this.”

The album ends with Johnny Cash’s “Walk the Line,” recorded in 1998 with Cyrus and a line-up of all stars. “I was at a place in my life where I didn’t fit in with all the hat acts Nashville had at the time,” he says. “I just wanted to rock.” So he assembled drummer Owen Hale, keyboardist Johnny Neil, bassist Allen Woody, guitarists Mike Estes and Ed King, and harmonica player Michael Jo Sagraves, and the rest is basement tape history. Literally. It was recorded live in Johnny Neil’s basement.

Danny Gokey releases “I Will Not Say Goodbye”

Danny Gokey
Danny Gokey
Danny Gokey has this week’s most added single at country radio, with the poignant “I Will Not Say Goodbye” topping the most-added lists for Billboard and Country Aircheck stations quick to show their support for the powerful new ballad.

It’s an exciting week all around for Gokey, who’ll celebrate the 4th of July with a return to his Milwaukee hometown for a headlining performance on the final night of Summerfest. Billed as “The World’s Largest Music Festival,” the 11-day, multi-stage festival will feature Gokey headlining the Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard Stage with an opening act close to his heart.

Milwaukee central-city school students participating in the after-school Sophia’s Heart Music & Arts Program – part of Gokey’s Sophia’s Heart Foundation – will showcase their talents, with the Sophia’s Heart Children’s Community Choir featuring 7th and 8th grade students, led by Music Director Jeff Krumbein, and the Sophia’s Heart Children’s Dance Team, led by Dance Instructor Val Young.

The Sophia’s Heart Music & Arts Program works to encourage students to live their dreams and provides a safe place for children to strive toward attaining their dreams through setting goals, discipline, and practice. For more on the good work of Sophia’s Heart, visit them online at www.sophiasheart.org.

Complete schedules and information on Summerfest can be found at www.summerfest.com.

Danny’s “I Will Not Say Goodbye,” a song The New York Times calls “devastating,” is the newest single from Danny’s debut album, My Best Days, which also features his recent hit, “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me.”

About Danny: Danny Gokey became a favorite of millions of fans as a finalist on Season Eight of American Idol. This past March, the Milwaukee native and 19 Recordings/RCA Nashville recording artist made chart history with the release of his debut album, My Best Days, which set a digital sales record and delivered the best first-week sales of any debut country male in 18 years. Following the success of his feel-good anthem, “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me,” Danny’s new single is the beautiful ballad, “I Will Not Say Goodbye.” Danny credits his late wife, Sophia, with the inspiration to pursue his musical dreams on Idol, and he continues to honor her with the charitable work of the Sophia’s Heart Foundation, founded in her memory. For more information and all things Danny, visit him online at www.dannygokey.com.

Brooks & Dunn add 3 dates to The Last Rodeo Tour

Brooks and Dunn tour
Brooks and Dunn tour
Country music superstar duo BROOKS & DUNN have added 3 dates to their critically acclaimed THE LAST RODEO TOUR. New tour stops include Oklahoma City, OK on August 20th, Little Rock, AR on August 21st and Holmdel, NJ on August 28th (complete list of ticket on-sale dates and tour stops listed below). In addition, country music legend MERLE HAGGARD, MIRANDA LAMBERT and SARA EVANS have been announced to appear on selected tour dates.

THE LAST RODEO TOUR was postponed on the recommendation of doctors for Ronnie Dunn to go on immediate vocal rest. Of the restart and new dates Dunn emailed “Getting better every day. Kix and I will be raring to start where we left off ….and go for 3 additional dates to say thanks to all the fans for 20 years of showing us the love!”

A member of The Country Music Hall of Fame, MERLE HAGGARD is one of the great living legends and a hero of Brooks & Dunn. Haggard will take the stage singing his classics, as well as songs from his latest release “I Am What I Am”.

2010 Academy of Country Music’s Female Vocalist of the Year, MIRANDA LAMBERT will join on select dates. Lambert’s hit song “The House That Built Me” spent 4 weeks at #1 on the country music charts this Summer.

CMA and ACM winner SARA EVANS is one of the preeminent voices in country music today. Her new single “Stronger” hits the airwaves later this year.

THE LAST RODEO TOUR is now routed as follows:
(All tickets will be honored on the new dates and tickets remain available at livenation.com.)

July 16 Indianapolis, IN – FEATURING GARY ALLAN
July 17 St. Clairsville, OH – FEATURING GARY ALLAN
July 18 Cincinnati, OH – FEATURING GARY ALLAN
July 23 Minot, ND
July 24 Cheyenne, WY
July 30 Pittsburgh, PA – FEATURING GARY ALLAN
July 31 Philadelphia, PA – FEATURING GARY ALLAN

August 1 Washington, DC – FEATURING GARY ALLAN
August 6 Kansas City, MO – FEATURING GARY ALLAN
August 14 Hartford, CT – FEATURING SARA EVANS
August 15 Virginia Beach, VA – FEATURING SARA EVANS
August 27 Darien Lakes, NY – FEATURING MERLE HAGGARD

September 2 Nashville, TN

Josh Thompson Performs His First Sold-Out Show As A Headlining Act

Josh Thompson
Josh Thompson
Although Columbia Nashville’s Josh Thompson is spending most of his hot summer days splashing around with Brad Paisley on the H20 World Tour, he often plays his own headlining club shows on his days off. This past weekend, Josh headed to Minneapolis where he was greeted by an over-capacity crowd and performed his first-ever sold-out headlining date at The Cabooze. Only two other acts have sold-out that venue in the past.

Josh’s crowd that night was particularly rowdy, singing along to every song he played, including his current single “Way Out Here.” After he finished his set, the audience didn’t leave until Josh came back for an encore. He informed the crowd that he was going to try out a brand-new song he had written just two weeks before. The crowd listened and by the end of the tune, they were singing along to the chorus.

“As a songwriter and an artist, the biggest payoff you can get is watching people sing your lyrics back at you,” Thompson says of the experience. Josh wrote or co-wrote all 10 songs on his debut album¸ Way Out Here, in stores everywhere.

Fight Fair debut “California Kicks”

Fight Fair
Fight Fair
Wind the clock back several decades and imagine a California summer of a much simpler time. Even if you weren’t around in those years, it probably isn’t all that tough to picture. In fact, you’ve probably seen it before on television or in the movies—whether it’s Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello injecting a dose of fun in the sun as part of their “Beach Party” collection of films, or perhaps on television in the ‘60s surfer girl comedic hit series “Gidget.” San Diego based party punk rockers Fight Fair look to bring that care free beach aesthetic back on their debut LP, California Kicks, on June 29th through Triple Crown Records. The album came to life in San Diego with Mike Green (Paramore, Yellowcard) on pre-production and mixing. Brian Grider, who also produced the band’s 2008 Settle The Score EP, produced the record. On their 11-track LP Fight Fair fuses their current punk influences with records and lifestyle of the ‘60s surf community.

“We wanted to take music back to its roots and do something that’s classic but original for the modern times right now. And also mix it with a kind of aggressive early punk style—it’s like mixing the Ramones with like The Beach Boys. We just wanted to do our own style and really make something cool that people could relate to and have fun over the summer, go to the beach,” says Alex Bigman, Fight Fair’s vocalist.

Fight Fair is currently on tour alongside Kill Paradise and Honor Bright. They will join the 2010 Van’s Warped Tour on June 25th at Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. Confirmed tour dates are listed below.

* Denotes show with Kill Paradise, Honor Bright
** With We the Kings, Hey Monday, and more. See show detail for complete lineup

*May 21st The Championship Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
*May 23rd Platinum Lounge Poughkeepsie, New York
*May 24th Hangar 84 Vineland, New Jersey
*May 25th Club Hell Providence, Rhode Island
*May 26th Eldolyn Terrace Altoona, Pennsylvania
*May 27th The Basement Columbus, Ohio
*May 28th Mad Maggies Elgin, Illinois
May 29th Bled Fest 2010 Howell, Michigan
*May 30th The Vauderville Mes Des Moines, Iowa
*June 1st The Marquis Theatre Denver, Colorado
*June 3rd The Underground Reno, Nevada
*June 4th Club Retro Orangevale, California
June 5th Rockin Roots Fest Bakersfield, California

June 25th Home Depot Center Carson, California
June 26th Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, California
June 27th Seaside Park Ventura, California
June 29th Cricket Pavilion Phoenix, Arizona
June 30th N.M.S.U Practice Field Las Cruces, New Mexico
July 1st AT&T Center San Antonio, Texas
July 2nd The Showground Houston, Texas
July 3rd Superpages.com Center Dallas, Texas
**July 4th Never Daisy Theater Memphis, Tennessee
July 5th Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre St. Louis, Missouri
July 6th Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Indianapolis, Indiana
July 7th First Niagara Pavilion Burgettston, Pennsylvania
July 8th Time Warner Cabel Amphitheatre Cleveland, Ohio
July 9th Arrow Hall Toronto, Ontario
July 10th Parc Jean Drapeau Montreal, Quebec
July 11th Comcast Theater Hartford, Connecticut
July 13th Comcast Center Mansfield, Massachusetts
July 14th Darien Lake P.A.C Darien Center, New York
July 15th Toyota Pavilion Scranton, Pennsylvania
July 16th Susquehanna Bank Center Camden, New Jersey
July 17th Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale, New York
July 18th Monmouth Park Racetrack Oceanport, New Jersey
July 20th Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, Maryland
July 21st Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Virginia Beach, Virginia
July 22nd Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte, North Carolina
July 23rd Vinoy Park Petersburg, Florida
July 24th Cruzan Amphitheater West Palm Beach, Florida
July 25th Firestone Amphitheater Orlando, Florida
July 26th Lakewood Amphitheater Atlanta, Georgia
**July 27th Expo Five Louisville, Kentucky
July 28th Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, Ohio
July 29th Marcus Amphitheater Milwaukee, Wisconsin
July 30th Commercia Park Detroit, Michigan
July 31st First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre Tinley Park, Illinois
August 1st Canterbury Park Shakopee, Minnesota
August 2nd Sandstone Amphitheatre Bonner Springs, Kansas
August 5th Northlands Park Edmonton, Alberta
August 7th Utah State Fairgrounds Salt Lake City, Utah
August 8th Invesco Field Denver, Colorado
August 10th Cricket Amphitheater San Diego, California
August 11th Pomona Fairplex Pomona, California
August 12th Sleep Train Amphitheatre Wheatland, California
August 13th Idaho Center Amphitheatre Nampa, Idaho
August 14th Gorge Amphitheater Gorge, Washington
August 15th Washington County Fairgrounds Hillsboro, Oregon

Git Fresh biography

Git Fresh
Git Fresh
In a time where cultures are merging more than ever, diversity has enriched our world in many ways, especially in the form of music. Hailing from three distinctively different backgrounds, the members of I.M.G./ Def Jam’s Git Fresh have made a name for themselves by seamlessly blending their backgrounds to create a super group that is determined to change the face of popular R&B.

“Together our cultures combine and give us a different sound and a different look than you would see in a typical R&B group,” Penny. “We all come from different backgrounds,” Rude Boi. “Me, I’m African American. Pretti Sly is from South Africa and Penny is White. Each member’s influence on the group is different.”
Hailing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Penny and Rude Boi met in high school at the Dillard School of the Arts. There, they studied various performing arts including musical theatre and vocal training. “Our school was predominantly Black so that developed my interest in hip-hop and R&B and helped my swag,” says Penny. “We had a gospel choir in our school that I was a part of and that was really a big help in me learning different vocal arrangements and chords.”
Meanwhile, Rude Boi met up with Pretti Sly soon after he relocated to the US from South Africa. “As soon as I got here, I met Rude Boi at a talent show and we decided to form a group with Penny” says Sly.
In their first years of high school, the boys created the group Deep Side and instead of keeping their combined talent under wraps, they planted themselves in the center of the teenaged universe. “Every Saturday and Sunday we used to be just performing inside the mall,” says Rude Boi. “If we’d see pretty girls walking by, we’d stop them and sing for them.” The guys also entered local talent shows, where they were approached by their former manager who was their first ticket into a legitimate recording studio.

Not long after, Deep Side was invited to perform in Chicago at R. Kelly’s birthday party. At the time, they had recorded a song called “Shook” which was getting radio play in select markets. R. Kelly was thoroughly impressed by the young group’s performance and connected them to his A&R Wayne Williams who was signed the guys to their first label deal. Two years later, the group decided to leave the label and break ties with their former manager and head out once again on their own.

In 2008, the guys moved to Atlanta and wrote and recorded “Booty Music” under their new group name, Git Fresh. The highly addictive hit quickly picked up hundreds of spins in major markets across the country. It wasn’t long before the boys were fielding calls from multiple major labels. Although they incited a multi-label bidding war, Git Fresh saw the most prosperous future with Def Jam Records.

“We went into L.A. Reid’s office and we performed two acapella songs for him and he was sold after that,” says Rude Boi about Git Fresh’s audition for the Island Def Jam Chairman. “I remember jumping on L.A.’s desk! He told us we weren’t leaving New York without signing to Def Jam.”
Git Fresh solidified their deal in the beginning of 2009 and quickly got started recording their debut album. Around the same time, they also joined Strong Arm Management, who also manages hit maker Flo Rida. Git Fresh’s first single, “She Be Like” is a fresh take on Suzanne Vega’s hit “Tom’s Diner” where the guys ride through the club popping bottles, while “What’s Your Favorite Place” finds them singing about their favorite places to entertain their lucky guests.
On “Earth, Wind, and Fire” the boys express their love over a moody, up-tempo track that leads into “Singin,’” a playful song that talks about mattress springs overpowering their mood music during a raucous love making session.

“We like to go out and have fun,” says Rude Boi. “That’s who we are. We’re young guys in the prime of our lives and our album is definitely a party album, it’s all about the ladies. We don’t even like to consider ourselves as R&B, we just make good music. The sound is new and fresh, it’s something that you wouldn’t expect to hear from a three man group that’s just crooning.”

Combining their different backgrounds and experiences, Git Fresh has managed to find a perfect musical balance. Citing Michael Jackson, Jodeci, and Sam Cooke as influences, Penny, Rude Boi and Pretti Sly all bring a valuable piece to their collective puzzle.

“We have a lot of different styles—a lot of crazy melodies and different influences that you’ll hear in the music,” says Rude Boi. “We could sit down in front of you and sing harmony all day or we could sing a club song so I like to think the group is extremely well rounded in that way.”
Git Fresh—A more perfect union.

Video: Lady Gaga “You and I”

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
After much talk about Lady Gaga’s nearly completed follow-up album, the world got it’s first taste of some new material from the pop superstar at her performance at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball last Thursday.

While seated at one of her signature deconstructed pianos, Gaga told the crowd: “This is a brand-new record that no one’s ever heard before. And I’ve never, ever played it live, ever.” Gaga goes on to describe the new song, titled “You and I,” as “a bit of a rock n roll tune.”