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  • Rich Hil biography

    If you want to find singer Rich Hil these days, better check the studio first. For the past two years, the 19-year old has been putting in 72-hour work weeks, releasing a seemingly limitless—700 and counting—supply of songs, freestyles, and mixtapes for his devoted fanbase. Drawing inspiration from Dylan and Hendrix as much as hip-hop, […]

  • The Spill Canvas biography

    Nick Thomas, the singer, guitarist, and mastermind behind The Spill Canvas, recorded his first songs at age 15 while growing up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and honed his largely acoustic-based style playing solo shows in and around his hometown. Calling himself The Spill Canvas, Thomas released the raw and emotive Sunsets and Car Crashes, […]

  • Robyn biography

    The last time we heard from Robyn, it was 2008. The diminutive Swede was riding high after top ten hits with bittersweet, orchestral-pop hit Be Mine and anthemic dance ballad With Every Heartbeat. The latter song went to number 1 in the UK, shortly after the album Robyn was nominated for a Grammy. Not only […]

  • Macy Gray biography

    At the start of 2009 and ten years into her career, Macy Gray found herself a free agent and on the verge of “The Sellout.” Sure, she sold 15 million albums, scored two Grammy Awards, two MTV awards and with “I Try,” had one of the most successful singles of all time, but after 2007’s […]

  • Erykah Badu biography

    In ancient Egypt, the hieroglyphic character of the ankh at the fingertips of a goddess symbolized eternal life. If Erykah Badu’s “cipher keeps moving like a rolling stone,” as she so coquettishly proclaims in the legendary single “On & On” from her dazzling 1997 debut, Baduizm, her latest opus, NEW AMERYKAH PART TWO: RETURN OF […]

  • Josh Kramon biography

    Singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Josh Kramon is a go-to musician who has played for several bands and released a pair of indie albums as a solo artist. Kramon also boasts a number of impressive credits as a composer and writer of TV theme songs, including the cult hit “Veronica Mars,” for which he composed music for three seasons […]

  • Allstar Weekend biography

    Zach – Vocals, Guitar Nathan – Guitar, Vocals Cameron – Bass Michael – Drums Even though Zach, Nathan, Cameron and Michael are still in their teens, they carry themselves like stars. So why not call themselves Allstar Weekend? The Hollywood Records quartet may be young, but they have the talent, nerve and off-the-chart charm needed […]

  • Say Anything biography

    “With great power comes great responsibility.” Surely a meaningful quote, but who can take credit for it? Thomas Jefferson? Sigmund Freud? Socrates? Nope. Spider-Man. It goes to show how something sort of profound can spring from an unlikely source. Any reluctant underachiever can make a difference: nerdy dude who gets bit by a mutant spider […]

  • Selena Gomez biography

    Selena Gomez took her sweet time before recording her debut album. After all, she had her hands full starring in her hit Disney Channel series “Wizards of Waverley Place,” not to mention appearing in a string of movies and other TV shows. Still, music had been a core passion of hers going back to childhood. […]

  • Kari Ann Peniche biography

    Kari Ann Peniche was born in San Diego, California on March 20, 1984. Following her parents’ divorce, Kari Ann and her brothers moved north to Gresham, Oregon, where she spent her adolescence as the typical girl next door. At the age of 12, and with the support and encouragement of her Mom, Kari Ann began […]