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  • Alice in Chains

    Layne Staley — vocals Jerry Cantrell — guitar Mike Inez — bass Sean Kinney — drums EARLY 1987 Alice in Chains forms in Seattle. APRIL 1989 After being pursued by several record companies, Alice signs with Columbia, after learning Mitch Miller was no longer head of A&R. JUNE 1990 Columbia releases the band’s first EP, […]

  • Air

    More apt to cite stately rock paragons Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson as their inspirations than Derrick May or Aphex Twin, the French duo Air gained inclusion into the late-’90s electronica surge due chiefly to the labels their recordings appeared on, not the actual music they produced. Their sound, a variant of the classic disco […]

  • A3 – Biography

    With an eagerly-awaited new album, La Peste, hitting US retail racks on October 24, the radical UK band A3 (known as “Alabama 3” in the UK) will bring the group’s musical mayhem stateside on a club tour beginning November 1 at the Cotton Club in Atlanta, Georgia (see itinerary following). Best-known to American audiences for […]

  • A*Teens

    25 years after the victory in the Eurovision Song Contest, ABBA reappears, this time as four young artists performing ABBA’s music. A TEENS is the name of the new band. The debut single “Mamma Mia” will be out the summer of 1999. A TEENS consist of four members in their mid-teens, all from Stockholm. Together […]

  • Tatyana Ali

    Some can sing. Some can dance. Some can act. These days very rarely do you encounter a performer with the depth of talent and experience that lends itself to excelling at all three. Meet MJJ recording artist Tatyana Ali, a young vocalist and performer with a history in the performing arts that belies her tender […]

  • Busta Rhymes – Extinction Level Event

    Artist: Busta Rhymes Title: Extinction Level Event Label: Elektra Rating: 8.5/10 Busta spreads propaganda like butter and his rhymes are just as smooth. Calling out to the cities across the nation to rise to his power, “Everybody Rise” is the quintessential gnarling Busta. He is one of the rare artists who can continually use hooks […]

  • Clay Aiken

    Who can explain why a singer becomes a pop star? Sure, talent and ambition contribute to the rise of many singing sensations, but skill and drive alone do not guarantee a berth at the top of the charts. Ultimately, it is an almost inexplicable reaction between a singer and his or her audience that creates […]