Wyclef Jean – The Ecleftic – 2 Sides II: A Book

Wyclef Jean
Artist: Wyclef Jean
Title: The Ecleftic – 2 Sides II: A Book
Label: Columbia
Rating: 8/10

Wyclef Jean opens The Ecleftic with a mock call to Columbia Records chief Tommy Mottola. It’s hilarious. I just hope Columbia got the joke. Either way, it was a good intro to the first track, “Where Fugees At?”. At first it sounds like a call to Pras and Lauren Hill to dial him up so that they can get it together, but if you listen to the undercurrents, the song starts to look a lot darker. There’s a storm brewing and you only need to hear “However You Want It” to figure it out.

I don’t know what the deal is with “Kenny Rogers Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate”. Kenny Rogers sings, or at least appears to sing, “The Gambler” with a twist. This is as bizarre as it is good. Another absolutely bizarre guest appearance is the WWF wrestler The Rock on “It Doesn’t Matter” . It’s a fresh track, but not the best. The best guest award has to go to Mary J. Blige on “911”. You may wonder whatever happened to Earth, Wind & Fire. Well, Wyclef found them, and here they’re featured on “Runaway”. It just might be a good single for Wyclef.

“Perfect Gentleman” is a shot out to strippers and their dignity. My favorite track is “Low Income”. Can you say hit? Maybe “Diallo” won’t drop onto radio any time soon, but it’s no less entertaining. The Ecleftic starts off slow but builds to find the best tracks toward the end. “Something About Mary” and a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” round out a handful of great tracks.

+ rae gun

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