Backbreaker to be released in May on Ps3 – Watch the trailer


505 Games and NaturalMotion take players down on the line of scrimmage in the latest behind-the-scenes look at Backbreaker, revealing the game’s innovative on-the-field camera view. Unlike no other football game to-date, Backbreaker’s unique over the shoulder perspective delivers the adrenaline-fuelled rush of being right in the middle of the action.

Instead of relying on an unrealistic top-down camera view, Backbreaker follows the perspective of the ball handler, allowing for more true-to-life gameplay, giving players an unrivalled on-field experience. Every explosive hit happens in real-time, instead of relying on pre-scripted, canned animations.

Players can hit the gridiron like never before when Backbreaker hits retailers nationwide on May 25, 2010 at an MSRP of $49.99.

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