“Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow” to be released in May

Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
D3Publisher has just released a story description, new character art and the bios for the complete cast of characters for their upcoming epic action role-playing game Blue Dragon™: Awakened Shadow launching May 18th exclusively on the Nintendo DS.

Blue Dragon™: Awakened Shadow is an epic action role-playing game in a fictional open-world environment, the sequel to the critically acclaimed and successful Xbox 360 title. The player, aided by a young boy named Shu and his friends, will possess the power to control phantom shadows that mirror the actions of their masters, giving Shu and his comrade’s miraculous strength and magical powers.

In the original Blue Dragon, Shu and his friends saved the world from Nene, an Ancient (a long, lost people) by using their acquired Shadow powers. After the final battle, the world split into several cubes and King Jibral built his kingdom on the Jibral cube, where Shu and his friends chose to live.

Two years after the first adventure of Shu and his allies, a new threat is about to emerge, that steals the villagers’ Shadows. Awakened from a long slumber, the new enemies bear some resemblance to Nene, a conundrum which leads the player, Shu, and his friends into a terrifying fight to reclaim the lost Shadows and restore balance to the world.

à Main Character (YOU) ß

You (the player) awaken with no memory from a long slumber in the undergrounds of the Neo Jibral Cube, where Shu and his friends live. In order to regain your memory, you will begin an adventure with Shu and King Jibral, as the main character of this story.


Shu has not lost an ounce of energy or adventurous spirit since the battle with Nene. Jiro and Kluke remain his closest friends and are always willing to aid him. He has been living on the Neo Jibral Cube since the world shattering events of Blue Dragon caused the creation of separate cubes out of their single world, although he is ready to venture off to the other cubes once a mode of transportation can be found. He has maintained a friendly relationship with King Jibral, and is one of the few people that can seek an audience with the King without going through the normal bureaucracy.


Jiro is still the intellectual, and has continued his studies since Blue Dragon. Kluke often goes to Jiro whenever she has an issue arise at her clinic. Due to his loyal personality, he always goes out of his way to help Kluke. Meanwhile, he still manages to play an advisory role for King Jibral, side by side with Zola.


Kluke has been living on Neo Jibral Cube along with Jiro and Shu. She has opened her own clinic, taking after her parents, where ill patients can come and have their sicknesses healed by the power of her Shadow. She also still plays mediator between Jiro and Shu, who despite being the best of friends, compete for her affection.


Zola retains her position as the head of the Jibral Blademasters and lives on the Neo Jibral Cube within Neo Jibral Castle. She has kept her ties with King Jibral and acts as his closest advisor. While she has calmed her rebellious side since she first met Shu, she still has times when she will act out of turn or speak her mind without considering the consequences. Unmatched in swordsmanship and unfailing in loyalty, she will stand by Shu and his friends until the end.


Marumaro is a brave and reckless boy from the Devee Tribe. He is easygoing and shows no fear in battle. He puts his all in everything he does. He idolizes Zola since the battle with Nene.

King Jibral

King Jibral has continued to rule over the people of Neo Jibral with a compassionate hand since the events of Blue Dragon. Now counseled by Zola and Jiro, he has not only his own vision of how to run the cube, but the wisdom of two very knowledgeable advisors to guide him. While his rule may be even handed and stable, his personal life has not fared as well. King Jibral is troubled with internal strife and feelings that he may not be doing the best he can for his people. As well, he seems to be developing feelings for Zola that he has no idea how to communicate or even analyze.


Sahlia has just started life on Neo Jibral Cube. She has always had a major crush on Shu, and trys to win his heart, usually through the means of her fine baking skills. Her cookies are a huge boon to Shu’s spirits, even if he seems oblivious to her more romantic advances. It’s possible that she may have more luck with Shu’s heart if it weren’t for the existence of Kluke, whose crush matches Sahlia’s own in intensity.


Fushira, Shu’s grandfather, has moved into Neo Jibral Town and set up a blacksmithing shop. The origin of Shu’s adventuring spirit, Fushira is still always ready to talk about his adventurous youth and the quests he went on in his prime. Not one to retire, Fushira keeps on working as a skilled smith while waiting for an adventure that will put Shu’s “defeating Nene and saving the world” to shame.


Yasato, an extremely kind robot, has been living a quiet life on his own since meeting up with Shu and friends. Armed with a huge bank of knowledge of the Ancients, or at least the ability to know where to research it, Yasato is a great help whenever there’s something about the past that needs to be rediscovered.


Szabo, once the General of the Demon Kings and Nene’s closest ally, has become a great friend to Shu and the group. He has learned that peace is what the world should truly strive for, and will go to lengths to make this a reality. Even though his motives are oriented towards creating peace for all beings, he is no less powerful a warrior and is perfectly willing and able to defeat anyone that stands in the way of his ideals.


Torippo’s origins are shrouded in mystery. Torippo’s whereabouts since Blue Dragon are unknown, but rumors suggest that he’s been off searching for treasure and hunting down clues to discover his own past…





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