Katharine McPhee “Unbroken” review

Katharine McPhee

Artist: Katharine McPhee
Title: Unbroken
Label: Verve
Rating: 4/10

Corporate line: Katharine McPhee warmly laughs as she confesses she’s been in “artistic hiding” for the last few years. “It took me a long time to figure out where I wanted to go and be as an artist,” she says. “I needed time to learn who I was as a musician.” Once she discovered the answer, however, her path was sure and swift. On Unbroken, her Verve Records debut, listeners will discover a glorious side of McPhee previously untapped. Poignant, vital lyrics swell over full, lush melodies.

The review:
“It’s Not Right” -Boring and without soul.

“Had It All” – The single is weak. McPhee is just singing whatever someone put in front of her and has no connection at all with this song.If she does it sure doesn’t come through here.

“Keep Drivin'” – Sounds like an attempt to move into Carrie Underwood territory. The problem is that Underwood is 10 and McPhee is a 5. McPhee does nothing to knock this out of the park.

“Last Letter” – Ditto the previous tracks.

“Surrender” – McPhee is sleeping walking through this track.

“Terrified” f/Jason Reeves – The Kara DioGuardi track was written to be a big pop song and McPhee makes a go at it. It’s the best song on the album. But it isn’t great. Kara should have held this for someone else.

“How” – There seems to be a bit of life in McPhee–oddly they held this track until the seven spot. Why?

“Say Goodbye” – A ballad without a heart.

“Faultline” and “Anybody’s Heart” and “Lifetime” and “Unbroken” are boring.

Frankly: It sounds as if Katharine McPhee doesn’t sound like she even cares. It sounds like she showed up at the studio for a couple of days and tried to knock out a few tunes. The songs are without any soul and that makes it nearly impossible to fall in love with.

Watch the video for “Had It All”:

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  1. You sound like a hater. Katharine McPhee has more soul in her toenails than you do in your whole body. She’s not trying to be Carrie Underwood. Why would she want to? Katharine’s voice is pure and clean. Carrie sounds like she has major sinus problems and needs to blow her nose-ASAP! This is a great album and Katharine’s beautiful voice shines in it. Say Goodbye is such a beautiful and haunting song. To say it is soulless proves to me that you don’t know what you’re talking about and should not be criticising anything as you are way off base.

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