Robin Thicke “Sex Therapy: The Session” review

Robin Thicke

Artist: Robin Thicke
Title: Sex Therapy
Label: Interscope
Rating: 7/10

Corporate line:
The fourth album from the Grammy Award-winning R&B/Pop singer, songwriter and producer. While he has achieved success with his own solo albums, he has also achieved great success as a songwriter and producer with artists like Usher, Lil Wayne and Jennifer Hudson.

Song reviews:
“Mrs. Sexy” – The solid soul track that Thicke specializes in–falsetto is in full effect.

“Sex Therapy” – Thicke doesn’t wait–he likes to cut to the chase. He’s making music for making love and its apparent he has no patience for beating around the bush.

“Meiple” f/Jay-Z – Climbing and climbing until the final climax during the chorus where Thicke sings, “I know you wanna” only to be answered by a climaxing woman. The song is fun, its just not orgasmic good.

“Make U Love Me” – Not bad.

“It’s In The Mornin'” f/Snoop Dogg – Again, Thicke doesn’t even try to hint about sex. He just throws it out there with the kitchen sink. There is something to be said about hinting, because there is something oddly crude even with a voice soaring at unknown octaves.

“Shakin’ it 4 Daddy” – “She’s shakin’ it for daddy, she’s shakin’ it for me” is just a bit too addictive. It’s the one song that actually makes you sing along.

“Elevatas” f/Kid Cudi – There are highs and lows. The high points are when Thicke gets into full falsetto–the rest is weak by his standards.

“Rollacoasta” f/Estelle – This could have been left behind. It’s too simple and boring.

“Million Dollar Baby” f/Jazmine Sullivan – Thicke gets deep into the ’70s and burns bright through this song.

“2 Luv Birds” – It took this far into the album to get to a ballad. It doesn’t really seem worth the wait.

“Jus Right” – Soft, tender and too weak right in the soul.

“Diamonds” f/Game – This could have settled in just right on the Michael Jackson “Off The Wall” album.

Robin Thicke has his style and you either love or hate him. After a few listens it still takes some time to decide which direction to go. Thicke has skills and his vocals are always on point, however he doesn’t seem to have a lot of personality on “Sex Therapy: The Session.” Everyone wants to compare him to Justin Timberlake, but there is one thing Timberlake doesn’t lack–personality. Thicke might have more soul–but his personality doesn’t always shine on this album like it did on Timberlake’s “FutureSex/LoveSounds.”

“Sex Therapy” video:

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