Brooke Allison

brooke allison

Much of the music industry is anticipating that 14 year old Brooke Allison’s forthcoming recording will be one of the hottest releases of 2001. Her debut, slated for release May of 2001, is garnering attention from music executives, as well as many of the country’s most prominent radio program directors for whom she has already performed.

A story that has the year 2000 written all over it, Brooke was discovered on the internet, receives her schooling on the internet, and will have a song on her album about the internet. A native of Odessa, Texas, Brooke Allison, born Brooke Allison Adams on September 26, 1986, began singing at age three. Her parents, David and Robbie Adams, instantly knew their daughter was born to entertain. They entered her in pageants and her singing and dancing skills catapulted Brooke to the top spot competition after competition.

Brooke’s interest in the guitar and clarinet soon developed into writing, and at age 10, she co-wrote a song for the DARE program, aptly titled “The DARE Song.” Brooke then began singing at DARE rallies all over Texas, and was a youth sponsor and spokesperson for the DARE program, advising kids to stay off drugs.

Brooke’s powerful vocal abilities and stage presence soon led her to the World Championships of Performing Arts, where in 1997, she won four gold medals – in every category that she entered – Gospel, Country, Broadway and Adult Contemporary. With 500 hopefuls represented by 20 countries across the world, Brooke’s massive win at the Championships led her to appearances on the Jenny Jones and Maury Povich shows, with both audiences giving her standing ovations.

In January 2000, Brooke’s friend created a webpage and placed her music on the MP3 site. Producer Michael Blakey, President, Record Division of 2KSounds, happened to scout the website for new, unsigned talent. Going through thousands of samples, Michael stopped in his tracks when he heard Brooke’s powerful, unique style and immediately sent her an e-mail. At first Brooke didn’t take it seriously. “I thought the email wasn’t important, so I deleted it,” says Brooke. She adds, “But my friend Amber replied, and they started talking. I soon found myself at the label, singing Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart”. Then they started writing up the contract.”

Michael immediately assembled a team of the best names in the industry, and everyone who came through the label’s doors to hear Brooke’s demo was blown away. Jaws dropped, eyes grew wide, and superlatives flowed. Brooke soon entered the recording studio with a huge set list of hit material, from songwriters all over the industry.

The album will include songs that fit Brooke’s versatile vocal style. “It’s so crazy – in a good way – because the album has so many musical styles,” says Brooke. ” I mean, we’ve got some pop, R&B and ballads, but my main style is probably pop Top 40.”

On the album, AOL has given Brooke permission to use their likeness in a song she recorded about the internet. ” I love it, because I’m a total AOL and internet freak. I think the song is really unique and special, and has a great hook – it’s very 2000.”

While the recording industry is looking forward to her anticipated debut, Brooke is probably the most excited because she anxiously anticipates getting out on stage and performing. “The thing about myself is that I totally change when I get on stage – when I’m performing, you have no idea what I’ll do. I like to be spontaneous and unpredictable with my performances.”






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