Chris Brown “Graffiti” review

Chris Brown

Artist: Chris Brown
Title: Graffiti
Label: Jive
Rating: 4/10

Corporate line:Preparing for his 2009 release Graffiti, Chris Brown has crossed the threshold from teenager to young man. Experiencing the growing pains, challenges, loves and losses of the past year, Chris has found his way as an artist. While creating his own distinct sound, he has put together a body of work that captures the many dimensions of youth: lost love, disappointment and self discovery counterbalanced with swagger, ambition and partying. Graffiti represents the gateway to Chris’ next chapter as an artist and young adult.

From go you get Lil Wayne spewing nonsense about Optimus Prime and Chris Brown trying to bring cohesion, but they don’t mix. The over the top Swizz Beatz try to carry it along but its the same sort of mess you get these days when R&B and Hip-hop crash head-on.

There are plenty of points where Brown attempts to apologize. But its too little too late when “Crawl” opens with: “So where do we go from here/ With all of this fear in your eyes?” Same goes for “So Cold” which goes on and on about Brown’s misery of being alone. It’s really hard to believe because he follows this up with “What I Do” singing about “the cars, the gals and the cribs.” Life must really be tough for Mr. Brown. More money, more problems it seems. And then the bottom drops out as Brown blames Rihanna outright on “Famous Girl” when he sings about her cheating on him first: “I don’t wear no halo/You were the first to play the game though.. Should’ve known you’d break my heart.”

Again, Brown goes from deep to shallow. “Take My Time” is the opposite of the guy who is wallowing in self-pity as he sings about “kissing and licking on you everywhere” with a female voice in the background in a sexual manner. The backend of the album “I.Y.A.,” “Pass Out,” and “Wait” are mindless tracks to bang in the club.

“Graffiti” tries to end with Brown playing the role of the victim. “Lucky Me” and “Fallin’ Down” would appear to make you feel that Chris Brown is to be pitied becuase he is breaking down. But seriously, he brought it on himself, so are we supposed to feel bad? He wants us to feel bad because he is a celebrity when he asks: “Why is it so easy for you to blame/I’m only human, we’re all the same.” Honestly, Brown’s arrogance makes it nearly impossible to take him seriously or enjoy music from someone who’s arrogance and lack of self-consciousness is intolerable.


  1. Every R&B artist/rapper has contradictory songs! They will go from talking about the love of their life leaving them on one song to being a player on the next- seriously, review just about any R&B album & tell me that doesn’t happen. People need to get their biases of his personal life out of the reviews, it has NOTHING to do with his music.

  2. yall critics need to shut yalls mouths hes out here to make music for his fans this is what we want Chris Brown is human last time i checked so u have no rite 2 judge unless your God

  3. yeah..seriously..i think the album’s great..reviewer u got some serious issues..not sposed to review so damn biased!..

  4. this album is rated R as in Reallllllly Excellent. The question people need to ask is that if they neer knew anything about his wrongs (“I’m only human were all the same” – C Brown; Fallin). Just remember we have all and will all make mistakes. But you have to give credit where its due. True music lovers would say this is a VERY good album

  5. You know u critics are realllly starting to pis me off!! Stop watching tmz and hollywood 411 and basing those on your judgements of someone. You reviewing his MUSIC! NOT HIS LIFE!! Granted, what he did was wrong, and some of this album is over the top hip hoppish. But he is ONLY HUMAN, you’re no better than he is!

  6. I must admit..I wasn’t a big Chris Brown fan…but after listening to a couple of his songs off of this cd i decided to check it out..and it’s really good!! What he did was wrong..okay..we know that and he know’s that and it’s not fair for us to keep judging him because of that because he already paid the price for his mistake. But you cannot deny that he is really talented and its pretty obvious. He doesn’t need a bunch of music and noise in the background to make his voice sound good because it naturally is beautiful. This album was really good..never mind it was a bit over the top in apolagizing but can you blame him for being sorry?…The reviewers are baised and they need to stop letting their opinion getting in the way of the aristic point of music. Music is a gift and its the bad experiences that produce the beautiful songs we have today….

  7. who ever wrote dis stupid review needs to stop being such a bastard or bitch which ever gender u r this album is great it’s got a range of different sounds and hit chris has widend his vocal range i luv this albumn and u need to stop judging him he is so talented and u can’t just keep putin him down bcuz of a mistake he made only God can judge!
    I LUV CHRIS BROWN 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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