Susan Boyle “I Dreamed a Dream” review

Susan Boyle I dreamed a dream

Artist: Susan Boyle
Title: I Dreamed a Dream
Label: Sony
Rating: 6/10

Corporate line: She captured the hearts of millions and became a worldwide YouTube phenomenon with over 300 million hits. An inspiration for those who have a dream, the talented Susan Boyle presents her stunning debut album. Susan surprised the world with her powerful, heart stopping voice when she walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage. Now with a beautiful and diverse album she will, once again, defy preconceptions. I Dreamed a Dream, the album, crafted by world acclaimed producer Steve Mac, demonstrates Susan Boyle’s extensive musical ability. Featuring her signature songs, `I Dreamed a Dream’ & `Cry me a River’ the album also includes a haunting rendition of Rolling Stones “Wild Horses”, Madonna’s `You’ll See, The Monkees `Daydream Believer’ and “Who I Was Born To Be” an original recording written specially for Susan. Susan enthused; “It was my greatest ambition to release an album and I have finally achieved it. This amazing journey has helped me find my own identity and fulfill my wish. There is happiness out there for everyone who dares to dream.”

1. Wild Horses – If this take on the Rolling Stones’ classic doesn’t give you goosebumps then you must be missing a soul. [8/10]

2. I Dreamed A Dream – This is the rendition that captured the world and took their collective breathe away. What can you say–it’s beautiful. [8/10]

3. Cry Me A River – Boyle does manage to pull off a good rendition. [7/10]

4. How Great Thou Art – This surely stoked much pride in her native Britain. [6/10]

5. You’ll See – Boyle’s take on Madonna is actually shocking. Frankly, if Madonna was this good of a singer she’d be a bigger star than she is–imagine that. [7/10]

6. Daydream Believer – Unfortunately this is amazingly pedestrian and hokey. [2/10]

7. Up To The Mountain – Although Boyle can hit all the notes and pulls it off–there seems to be a lack of soul. It sounds like Boyle is simply going through the motions. [6/10]

8. Amazing Grace – Done nicely–but there are a million versions out there and Boyle doesn’t do much with it. [6/10]

9. Who I Was Born To Be – Simply beautiful. It’s far more touching than many of the other tracks. Boyle doesn’t sound like she is going through the motions. [8/10]

10. Proud – Filler. [5/10]

11. The End Of The World – This is boring. It’s missing something right in the middle. [5/10]

12. Silent Night – Certain to be a holiday staple. [8/10]

Frankly: Sadly this album was overrated. The problem is that Susan Boyle was rushed to get an album out before Christmas and with that came nothing but a cover album. Surely Susan Boyle will be printing money with the sales of “I Dreamed a Dream” but its to bad there is nothing original. At some point it’ll be interesting to hear Boyle’s own voice.






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  1. lilipop Avatar

    well to start with (lol) i am a straight male, i listen to many various types of music, from rock-n-roll to rap, from country to dance…very eclectic.

    i came acroos susan.s album in november when my mother bought it, i didnt think she could do anu better than she did in bgt, boy was i wrong..

    the album has some perfect songs on it, aswell as covers..madonna’s you’ll see is beautiful(better than madonna’s version) and of course i dreamed a dream is perfect..

    who i was born to be, wild horses, proud and goin up to the mountain are the stuff of goosbumps. i love this album so much and just want to let people know, that susan is a very special lady with a special gift, god bless you susan and ireland loves you.

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