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Queen Pen starts 2001 with the highly anticipated release of CONVERSATIONS WITH QUEEN, her sophomore album and Motown debut. As her Royal Highness continues to rock the throne, Queen Pen explores the real side of her life’s experiences.

Being the Queen has not been easy. She grew up in some of the roughest areas in Brooklyn where she realized she wanted to rap and perform on stage. Queen Pen attended the Performing Arts High School where she studied acting and dance. But like many young girls, she succumbed to the environment around her. By the age of 15, she found herself pregnant and soon after… out on her own.

Not losing sight of her dreams, in 1996 Queen Pen was taken under the wings of superstar producer/performer Teddy Riley. Through Riley, Queen was a guest rapper on BlackStreet’s chart -topping single, “No Diggity.” Soon after, Riley signed her as the first artist on Lil Man Records. The success of “No Diggity” opened up doors for Queen, who went on to appear in the movie “True Dat” and to tour with BlackStreet on New Edition’s “Home Again Tour”. In 1998, Queen Pen’s debut album, MY MELODY was released. MY MELODY soared up the charts to Gold status and spawned the platinum single, “All My Love”.

Since the release of MY MELODY, Queen Pen had become the victim of physical abuse and she has taken that negative experience to public high schools to share her experience with urban youth. She has also given birth to her third child and only daughter, Lyric.

Taking control of her life and career meant stepping off Riley’s Lil’ Man Records and cutting ties with her manager. Coming to Motown, Queen Pen is the first female rapper being released under President/CEO Kedar Massenburg’s tenure.

CONVERSATIONS WITH QUEEN displays Queen Pen’s ability to rise to the occasion in celebration of victories over her many trails and tribulations encountered since the release of her first album. The first single, “I Got Cha,” set the stage of what is to come from Queen with its hypnotic beat and lyrics that get to the point – “she’s got a lot to say.” And say she does, not only with the songs, but during the star-studded “interviews” from celebrity guests who ask the Queen in-depth questions concerning her career and her personal life for all those inquiring minds.

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