Finley Quaye – Vanguard

Finley Quaye
Artist: Finley Quaye
Title: Vanguard
Label: Epic
Rating: 7.5/10

Finley Quaye blows up music with the dazzling Maverick A Strike. He may not be the best known in America, but take a flight across the pond and you’ll find his star is as bright as any. Vanguard is a new take and will prove Quaye’s vision.

“Spiritualized” is a rocker. Bizarre, right? But how well it wears. “The Emperor” is called the album’s epic, and I’m not going to disagree. The strings wrap Quaye ceremoniously in their satin robe. “Feeling Blue” is about being lower than low and hoping that the one you love has the remedy. The shock of being away from the ones you love usually turns to sadness, but “When I Burn Off Into The Distance” finds him leaving the demons behind and looking forward to getting back to what he loves and adores.

Finley Quaye isn’t afraid to walk new ground. “Chad Valley” is complete with electronic music. “White Paper” is psychedelic in the way only Quaye can be.

Vanguard is no final departure. No, it’s just another launching of a man who had already landed. Isn’t it great to know there are still artists out there willing to take chances?

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