Que Bo Gold – Interview

Que Bo Gold

Que Bo Gold gets live.

How long has the record been in the works?

About six months.

Was any of the material older stuff?

Not really, just one or two songs.

The album has a ton of diversity.

I got a lot more ideas I’m ready to let go. I come up with all these concepts and I like to add them to my music to make it fun.

It really gets funky.

I didn’t just want tracks and lyrics.

What was it like working George Clinton?

It was the greatest. It was like going to school. He’s such a perfectionist and professional.

Would those tracks have been on there even without him?

No doubt. I did like four tracks with him, so I created the songs. He felt the songs when he heard them. He asked me what I was doing for the next couple of days and reached in his pocket, pulled out about six thousand dollars, and I called home and said, ‘I’m not coming home.’

Were you trying to learn as much as you could?

Yeah, I even started going to shows with him and performing with him songs we were recording. He loved the reaction that we’d get. George is still packing houses.

Is there any form of music that you feel most comfortable with?

None of them are hard for me.

You are obviously into a lot of different music.

I have a love for music. I just want my music to be good. If I could sing, there’d be more singing on it. Unfortunately, God didn’t bless me with that.

Hip-hop seems to have lost its desire to have live instruments, but you brought that back.

That is my point. I want to saturate as much as hip-hop as I can, but I also I don’t want people to say, ‘That is good rap.’ I want them to say, ‘That is good music.’ I wouldn’t mind even if they played one of my instrumentals in the grocery store.

Do you come up with the music?

I just play with melodies.

Do you play instruments?

I have a lot of professional musicians that I work with. I also produce other artists, so I use these guys for my other artists too.

Is it nice to step away from your music sometimes and work with other artists?

Yeah, but it backfires on you too sometimes because you give them a hit bigger than your hit. (laughs)

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