Xzibit – Restless

Artist: Xzibit
Title: Restless
Label: Loud Records
Rating: 8/10

Xzibit has big pull. He landed on the Eminem and Limp Bizkit tour because of his lyrical prowess and gangster stance. But is Restless going to be able to keep up his larger than life persona?

Xzibit takes the ball from hip-hop legend KRS-One and is able to keep it rolling. “Kenny Parker Show 2001” is more the style of the mentor, but Xzibit stays true to form. And KRS-One isn’t the only show in town. Eminem stops by on “Don’t Approach Me”. Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, and Defari also roll with the new baller.

With Dr. Dre producing, the album has an element not likened to his past. It’s the same power and style that Dre gave to an unknown Eminem. If “Fuckin’ You Right”, “X”, and “D.N.A.” aren’t signature Dre, then I don’t know what is.

Xzibit reminds me of Tupac in the way he finds heart in many tracks while being a dog in others. He has no trouble finding the words to tell his son that he misses him and that he is sorry, but on the same hand he disses women and gets as nasty as the best of them. If Xzibit can find his niche, he might just be the one who gets hip-hop out of its current funk.

+ rae gun

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