Yve Adam – Fiction

Yve Adam
Artist: Yve Adam
Title: Fiction
Label: Atlantic
Rating: 5/10

Yve Adam was born when Mollies Revenge crashed to earth and split to pieces. All that was left was Adam Popowitz and singer Yve. Instead of going their separate ways, they decided on collecting themselves and combining forces as Yve Adam.

The songs are formulaic in nature. Nothing is off the beaten track; they won’t blow you away. “Fiction” does its job, but doesn’t hold you for long. “Imperfect Girl” sounds sexy, but really tells us what we already know about ourselves inside and the nasty world outside.

Now, I can get into “Far Behind”. The taste is bitter, hinting at excepting the past and moving to the bright lights of the future. “Falling Up The Hill” lacks in lyrics while making up for it in its fluid melody. “Pandora’s Box” is climactic, but the foreplay is lacking.

Yve Adam saves the best for last. “Sister” might be their best offer. It’s kindly and melodic. The problem may end up being that listeners don’t allow themselves to get this far to hear such a sweet track.

+ charlatan

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