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Jessie James
Jessie James
Artist: Jessie James
Title: Jessie James
Label: Mercury Records
Rating: 6.5/10

Corporate line: Recorded in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and London, the album takes off with ‘Wanted’, the full-throttle Dance-Rock scorcher that Jessie co-wrote with American Idol judge and hit songwriter Kara DioGuardi. There’s also ‘Bullet’, a catchy Rock gem co-written with pal Katy Perry.

Latest reviews:

Entertainment Weekly:
“Roots-music purists love to complain about their inability to distinguish current Nashville product from poppy Top 40 fare. This 20-year-old Georgia native never knew there was supposed to be a difference.”
Rating: B+
Read the full review “Judging by some of the song titles (“Guilty,” “My Cowboy,” “Wanted”) on her self-titled debut, one could say that 20-year-old Georgia newcomer Jessie James lives up to her name as the female version of the American outlaw.”
Rating: 78
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Slant: “While she’s able to pull off that bad-girl vamp far more convincingly than Underwood, that isn’t saying much, and James certainly doesn’t hold a candle to Aguilera at her skankiest.”
Rating: 2/5 stars
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Roughstock: “She’s a unique enough talent, despite her real similarities to other artists, to recommend this album to anyone (probably under 30) who’s willing to look beyond genre definitions or who already is at least a little bit interested in pop music.”
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