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George Strait - Twang
George Strait Twang
Artist: George Strait
Title: Twang
Label: MCA Nashville
Average rating: 7.5/10

About “Twang”:
“Twang” is the follow-up to the platinum selling and CMA Album of the Year, Troubadour. The debut single, “Living For The Night” is the first single as a songwriter. Strait was recently recognized by the Academy of Country Music as the Artist of the Decade and was honored in a primetime CBS TV special.

Latest reviews:

Billboard: “George Strait put out his first album, “Strait Country,” in 1981. After 28 years, you’d think it would be tough coming up with new twists to captivate audiences. But apparently not for King George, whose latest album, “Twang,” is among the finest collections of songs he’s released.”
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LA Times: “‘Twang’ serves as a pretty nifty summation of what commercial country is, circa 2009. Strait’s albums have sometimes suffered from stylistic predictability, and this one, like his others, doesn’t dive very deep into emotional territory, but it’s still a standout in a long, hit-filled repertory.”
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Entertainment Weekly:
“Listening to George Strait put his hallowed voice through its paces on yet another album of immaculately recorded tracks, it’s clear that Twang will inevitably top the country charts, yield approximately three hit singles, and sell upwards of a million copies — just like the ageless Texan’s done nearly every year since 1981.”

Read full review > “He returns to some gritty honky-tonk later on, but not enough. The most impressive part of the album is that Strait co-wrote three songs – the first time he’s written since his 1982 debut album.”
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Hartford Courant: “It’s the only surprise on the steady, sturdy “Twang,” and that’s nothing but a compliment.”
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9513 Country Music: “What it is, of course, is a typical George Strait album, ripe with a few excellent cuts and a whole lot of forgettable though exquisitely produced filler. But mind-blowing it ain’t. At least not if you’ve been paying attention over the past 28 years.”
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“Once again, George Strait has proven just why he is still at the top of his game thirty years into his career. While he could easily churn out album after album simply to sate his fans, he seems to be making an ever-increasing effort to blend his long-established, easy-going style with a few little variations. It’s comfortable without being formulaic, different without feeling schizophrenic. In other words, it’s a George Strait album, so you know it’s going to be top-notch.”
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Miami Herald: “Maybe this type of quality control is what allows Strait to buck the odds that say his kind has no place on shallow mainstream radio.”
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Washington Post:
“Thankfully, though, Strait continues to keep both feet firmly planted in tradition, no matter what language he’s singing in.”
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Time Out New York: “Twang feels unusually intimate as a result, but the pro-penned stuff isn’t quite as strong as that found on last year’s Troubadour or 2006’s terrific It Just Comes Natural.”
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“Buy the album”
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Dallas Morning News:
“After nearly three decades of influential country music, Strait has nothing to prove. How cool that Twang sounds as if he does.”
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