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Crystal Method

Instead of rushing back to the studio, however, the group prepared for Legion of Boom by getting back to its roots. Jordan and Kirkland returned to the clubs for a series of DJ dates, put together their first mix album, Community Service, and tried out some of their ideas on live audiences at every opportunity. By the time the basic tracks were laid down for the album in January 2003, the music once again sounded exactly like the Crystal Method and no one else. Jordan and Kirkland went into the recording sessions with just three essential requirements for each track: A great beat, a great bass line and a great hook.

Years ago everyone said electronic music was going to storm America and be the new thing and it never happened, now you guys are still standing why do you think you really are the one of few left?

I think we really have a sound that is identifiable. We just make good records; tour, djing and putting out mix cds. We’re out there.

What are the club shows like?

They are different. They are fun and closer to the people who come out.

Is it more laidback?

I don’t know if an arena or club is more laidback than the other. I guess at a club there’s a lot of drinking going on and they get more laidback.

When a record is coming together what is the goal? Is there a concept?

Usually we’ve got an idea for songs we are working on. On this album we had a concept. It was going to be not as dark and heavy as Tweaked End was. Sometimes we start with some vocal samples and we go from there.

Did you know who you wanted to collaborate with in the beginning?

We knew early on that we wanted to work with Wes [Borland, formerly of Limp Bizkit] and brought him in and started to work on guitar stuff. The thing with John Garcia [Queens of the Stone Age] we had the track for “Born To Slow” had started out with a female vocal and decided we wanted a male vocal for that. We were listening to some old Kyuss stuff and said ‘this is just crazy enough that it just might work.’

Are there people out there you’d really like to work with?

Yeah, but what we don’t do anymore is just randomly work with people. We make sure they fight in with the band and project and those we can get along with them.

Otherwise you just end up being producers.


Have you thought about producing?

For us this has always been a band project. We might get into producing other artists at some point, but right now everything is the band at this point.

Have artists come to you for this?

Yeah, but we just don’t have any time for anything else outside of the band.

What is the most exciting thing… selling records or doing shows?

Doing shows. They get music from all our records. We’ll always make albums and its great when they want to buy our music.

Is it possible to have a relationship since you are playing clubs – and all the ladies?

(Laughs) Well my partner is married and his wife comes out on dates with us, but it really is hard on relationships.

Are you always booked and gone from home?

We have to get away sometimes, away from this. But its always 24/7.

Can you get used to it?

You can get used to it, it’s what we choose to do so it’s not a big deal.

What do you do when on the road?

I play ice hockey at home, but I can’t bring my stuff. If it’s a long tour I’ll bring my roller blades and stick and puck.

We are you based out of now, L.A.?


Is there a lot of ice hockey there? Seems weird to me since I’m from Buffalo originally and that place is all about ice hockey. And considering you are originally from Vegas not really known for ice hockey.

I’ve played on a few different teams and there is a lot of ice hockey there.

I miss hockey since the Buffalo Sabres were my team and I don’t get to seem them. Do you follow NHL or just like to play it?

I follow it some but no particular team. I used to like whatever team Gretzky was on, but now he is gone.

Are you watching the playoffs this weekend?

We are totally into football. My team was the Vikings.

Oh sh*t. That sucks.

I was pretty depressed.

If you had a super power what would it be?

Gretzky power. (We both laugh)

He doesn’t have a lot of defense.

Forget defense. (We both laugh) No one goes to see defense.

+ Charlie Craine

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