Keri Hilson – In a Perfect World – review

Keri Hilson - Perfect World
Keri Hilson - Perfect World
Artist: Keri Hilson
Title: In a Perfect World
Label: Interscope
Rating: 6/10

Corporate line:
Nurtured between Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group and Polow’s Zone 4 Inc., “In A Perfect World…” boasts amazing sounds from a slew of hitmakers like Timbaland, Polow, and Danja. The album features guest appearances by Timbaland, Lil Wayne, Akon, Keyshia Cole, and Ne-Yo. It’s a watershed moment that meets both goals-it sounds and feels great. Speaking up for all the ladies, In A Perfect World . . . also looks to empower women to be strong, independent and determined. “No human is exempt from the realities of life- heartbreak, failure, success…” Keri comments. This takes all forms throughout the album which reveals Keri’s ability to translate every day trials and tribulations into engaging music.

“Turning Me On” f/ Lil Wayne – Vanilla pop track with Lil Wayne doing his thing with digital vocal effects and all. We could use less of the vocal effects. Seriously. It’s getting old.

“Get Your Money Up” – Same deal. Vanilla pop song except this time Hilson takes the robotic vocal effects from Wayne and slaps them on her voice. It’s past lame.

“Return the Favor” f/Timbaland – Hilson gets to what she does best—singing. Timbaland offers a good partner as they go back and forth. Finally, Timbaland gets the best out of Hilson.

“Knock You Down” f/Kanye West & Neyo – Nice hook and again Hilson gets to show her chops.

“Slow Dance” – It’s slow and boring.

“Make Love” – Unlike “Slow Dance,” this ballad is actually sexy and interesting. It has a great hook and will instantly get you singing along.

“Intuition” – The middle portion of the album slows down too much and after two slower tracks “Intuition” starts to wear you out.

“How Does It Feel” – Ditto “Intuition”

“Hey Girl” f/T.Pain – Not a bad track, but there is a reason it comes so late in the album. It’s not up to par with the openers.

“Alienated” – There are parts of the song that are interesting but it’s not really cohesive and that keeps the song from being good.

“Tell Him the Truth” – Boring.

“Change Me” f/Akon – Finally, after a lot of painful tracks Akon joins Hilson and they put together a good song. Akon steals the show.

“Energy” – This comes down to the end of the album and its one of the best songs. I wonder why anyone decided to bury it.

“Where Did He Go?” – Hilson knows how to make a song sexy.

Finally: Keri Hilson is sexy and has some tracks that let her prove she can sing, too. But she doesn’t separate herself from all the other wanna-be divas.


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