The Datsuns are set to release “Head Stunts”


The Datsuns
The Datsuns
The Datsuns are set to release their fourth album, “Head Stunts,” on Tuesday, April 14th. Featuring 12 new tracks, Head Stunts was recorded earlier this year in Sweden, and is self-produced. From the full-throttle opener “Human Error,” to the dirtbike guitars and frenzied pummelling of “Yeah, Yeah, Just Another Mistake” and the 70’s stomp rock of “Highschool Hoodlums,” the album finds the band unleashing their finest work to date.

“Lyrically it’s about mind games really, Head Stunts is an anagram of The Datsuns. We were aware of it all along but we didn’t want to make it too obvious,” explains singer Dolf. “We got a new member of the band on drums, Ben Cole, so it was like making our first record again, with new influences and new abilities. With a new person, we were able to feed off each other in different ways, and also revive some old ideas that did not click before. Taking those ideas, and then flipping them around, just like you do with an anagram. So I suppose there is some kind of clumsy poetry there.”

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