Why the Grammys suck–and the winners


So the big winners were Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. Whatever. “Raising Sand” was an interesting album but all you had to do is watch the duo perform “Rich Woman” to realize that you weren’t seeing anything new or extraordinary. Not when you compare it to Radiohead. “In Rainbows” was a far more superior album. Radiohead expanded the boundaries and turned out another great performance. Not to mention the fact that they gave it away for free to the masses. You only needed to watch Radiohead’s performance of “15 Step” to see how much of an evolution it is to rock–much like Zeppelin was in their heyday. But Planet’s music today is positively ancient.

Robert Plant. Getty.
Robert Plant. Getty.

This wasn’t the biggest robbery of all time–that happened in 1998 40th Grammy Awards when Bob Dylan’s “Time Out Of Mind” beat Radiohead’s “Ok Computer.” So Radiohead got screwed for a second time.

How does this happen? Because most of the judges (150 experts from the recording industry) are a bunch of old guys who are out of touch with the rest of the world. Trent Reznor is quoted as saying: “While the music industry is doing everything they possibly can to go out of business, can we all make sure to rid ourselves of the Grammys, too? Out of touch old men jacking each other off.”

Reznor nailed it. And this year another bunch of artists got screwed. Do the judges feel bad because Led Zeppelin got snubbed? So does that mean when Radiohead reunite in 30 years to do bluegrass they can finally win a Grammy? Give me a break.

And the Jay-Z/Chris Martin duo was a mess. Why kill that song by throwing Jay-Z in there without any chemistry? And the biggest sin was giving Paul McCartney one song. One song for a legend while Kid Rock gets 3 songs? Who’s producing that show Kid Rock’s manager? I won’t even get into the M.I.A. performance.

The Grammy’s are a joke. They are insignificant. And if you care at all who one you can go to the Grammy website–because we aren’t posting that nonsense here.


  1. i think the grammys is a good show but it’s such a ripoff that they give the award to people that nobody has heard of. I think that Coldplay really deserved that award instead of thse two old people.WE ARE IN MODERN TIMES PEOPLE! Coldplay has awesome albums, something different, something that no other artists have. Yeah probably Coldplay got the award for best song of the year; so what, they deserved it, they have great music and they work so hard to produce songs to entertain their fans. even though those two old people won, I know Coldplay has the best production and the best album of all times.The Grammys are stupid when they give the award to people who don’t deserve it. What is the point of this show then?

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