Hoobastank – Fornever – review


Corporate line: The 2009 album from the Alterna-Rock heroes, produced by Howard Benson who is best known for his work with My Chemical Romance, Daughtry, Reliant K and Flyleaf. When a band has as much success as Hoobastank, the motivation to top itself must come from within. That renewed desire can be heard from the very first notes of “My Turn,” the first single from Fornever, which marks a return to the Rock roots of their first two releases, the platinum-plus self-titled debut and the two-million-plus-selling The Reason. With Fornever, Hoobastank have gotten in touch with what originally motivated them, which has made them stronger than ever. Hoobastank is Fornever.

Hoobastank - Fornever
Hoobastank - Fornever

Artist: Hoobastank
Title: Fornever
Label: Island
Rating: 4/10

“My Turn” – This sounds like Hooba is trying way too hard. Rock natural if you are going to rock—instead of sounding pained and strained.

“I Don’t Think I Love You” – Wimpy verses that sound like a boy band with a chorus that isn’t half bad—what a shame.

“So Close, So Far” – So close but so far indeed. It’s so close to bush league and so far from being good. No guts, no soul.

“All About You” – Could end up on top 40 radio which almost means nothing. It’s a wussy ballad that seems to find a home in the hearts of teenage girls.

“Tears of Yesterday” – This is so corny. Seriously, did someone separate these guys from their manhood?

“Sick of Hanging On” – Are they joking? How could this album get any worse?

“You’re The One” – I have to give Hooba credit for trying to write an arena rock ballad. They get half-way there.

This is a poor excuse for a record. All the songs that attempt to rock are nothing but yelling and pomp. It’s annoying. This is an unbelievably boring rock album. Skip it; this is primed for the bargain bin.


  1. lol…you are an bastard who has no idea what good music is about. The most bad review I have ever read!!! Your comments are like 5 year old child crying to his mom!
    So fuck you son of a bitch!!!!!

  2. This was a terrible album. They’ve gotten exponentially worse.

    Instead of having two good songs like their last album, it has zero (0).

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