Hoobastank’s new album “Fornever” arrives in stores on January 27th


Hoobastank’s highly anticipated new album Fornever (Island Records),arrives in stores on January 27th. The band will celebrate the album’s release with a January 27th performance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” On Monday, January 26th, the band will host KROQ’s “Loveline” with Dr. Drew and Stryker during a two-hour segment featuring and talking about the new album.


Produced by longtime collaborator Howard Benson, Fornever sees a rejuvenated Hoobastank (lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Doug Robb, guitarist Dan Estrin and drummer Chris Hesse) returning to the amped rock roots of their first two releases—2001’s platinum-plus-selling self-titled debut and 2003’s double platinum-plus-selling follow-up, The Reason.

Along with their record release, more than two decades after the music video explosion of the early 1980s, triple Grammy nominees Hoobastank are taking the medium to the next level with their groundbreaking “My Turn” video. Helmed by Grammy nominated director P.R. Brown (Goo Goo Dolls, Matisyahu, Slipknot) and programmed by Daniel Kim from Deep Fried Productions—www.deepfriedproductions.com (Gwen Stefani, Nine Inch Nails, M.I.A.), the innovative “My Turn” music video is interactive, allowing viewers to control the on-screen action.

Designed to be viewed online the eye-popping video has the look and feel of a video game, complete with different characters and varying scenarios. Wearing different costumes and swapping instruments, each member of Hoobastank (lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Doug Robb, guitarist Dan Estrin and drummer Chris Hesse) performed and was shot individually against a green screen. Together with a gaggle of guests (bikini models, senior citizens, Robb’s mother and father-in-law, among others), the band created a video that’s truly unique—one that offers fans a new experience with each viewing. The video can be seen at http://myturn.hoobastank.com/

“This is a new direction for music videos,” says director P.R. Brown. “I think we’re witnessing only the beginning of what will surely be a new form of technology that brings fans closer to the music.”

A made-for-television version of the video premiered January 9th on AOL’s Music Page and quickly went into rotation on MTV2, MTVu and MTV Hits.

“You’ll have the option to create any version of it that you want,” says Robb. “You can have Chris sing while I play guitar in drag with an old lady on drums. And you can keep switching it up as the video goes along. Create an all Dan band. An all dog band. Whatever you want. The options are endless. It’s very cool and I think that the fans are gonna have fun with it.”


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