Sometimes it’s the voice. Sometimes it’s the lyrics. Sometimes it’s the personality. Sometimes it’s the look. For Choppa, it was all of the above and then some. The red-hot New Orleans rapper is the latest in the long line of hitmakers from Master P’s New No Limit Records and is on the verge of becoming the next Southern star.

Master P felt so strongly about Choppa that he features him on the 504 Boyz’s hit single, “Tight Whips.” “Choppa has the most distinctive voice that you would ever want to hear on a record,” Master P says of his latest superstar protégé. “He stands out. He’s going to give it to you, make you dance. He brings a lot of energy. In Southern hip-hop, there’s nothing better out here than Choppa.”

Indeed, Choppa’s time is coming. With his first No Limit album, Straight From the N.O., Choppa establishes himself as the new king of the Southern hip-hop. “I’m about to bring that heat,” he boasts. “What the hip hop game’s been missing from the South, I’m about to fill it up.”

After garnering attention in Louisiana with his hit single “Choppa Style,” the talented rapper signed with Master P and his New No Limit Records. Produced by JMK, “Choppa Style” is still one of the hottest songs in New Orleans and will be the first single from Straight From the N.O.

Choppa’s hard-hitting club music will introduce hip-hop fans to another side of New Orleans hip-hop. With driving rhythms and energetic lyrics, Choppa keeps the clubs crunked up and will have people bowing down to his lyrical prowess. Cuts such as “Show The Pearl” and “Girl” cater to women but contain enough edge to impress even the hardest hard-rock. Choppa pays homage to his backyard on the irresistible “Dirty Dirty” and breathes life into hometown slang on the club-ready “What’s Happenin’.”

“I’m letting you know what’s going on in New Orleans,” Choppa says of the Full Pack-produced “Straight From The N.O.” “We’re still holding it down. It’s more gangster.” Choppa’s lyrics shine brightest on “Don’t Handcuff Your Chick.” This clever tale of overprotective lovers will hit close to home for many of Choppa’s listeners. “So many people be in the mall and the clubs and want to handcuff- lock their ladies down,” he explains. “And, some of the women are locking their men down too. I’m saying not to handcuff. Let them do what they want. If she don’t want to be with you, let go of that ball and chain. Let ’em go.”

Born and raised in New Orleans, 20-year-old Choppa has been rapping since his early teenage years, when he would beat on his chest at school to give himself a beat. Yet, as easily as rap came to him, a young Choppa had his mind set on other dreams. “I played sports, basketball and football,” he recalls. “I really thought I was going to play football. When I got to high school, I didn’t like what the coach was talking about so I just went on and started developing my rap game. It was just a talent that I had. I went for it.”

Choppa’s rap rep started growing when he appeared on “Nine O’Clock Props,” a segment of Q93 radio personality Wild Wayne’s highly rated New Orleans radio show. Choppa quickly became a fixture on the show and became one of the city’s most popular underground rappers.

In 2001, Choppa released his debut album, the independently released “Choppa Style,” which was a regional smash thanks to the hugely popular title track. With his chiseled athletic build, Choppa was developing his rep as a top-notch rapper and performer, his lively stage show was earning impressive raves. His dancers, The Show Boyz, turned out every performance and where becoming a sensation in their own right. “That’s what the ladies love the most about my show,” Choppa says of his dancers. “They come out there and do their thing. There ain’t no dancers out there that can top them.” And we’re sure that the ladies don’t come out just to see The Show Boyz, but to of course to check out Choppa’s smooth rhymes, sleek physique and killer smile.

The New Orleans rapper was a longtime fan of Master P before signing his New No Limit deal. Choppa was so impressed with Master P that he was inspired to step up his own game. “P is a real business man,” Choppa says. “There’s nothing that he can’t handle. In a couple of years, I figure that I’ll be where he’s at, in a position to make the types of decisions he makes,” Choppa confides confidently.

With the undeniable “Straight From The N.O.,” Choppa is well on his way to establishing himself as a major hip-hop player who can appeal to hip-hop fans across the world. “I lay it down for everywhere,” Choppa says. “Everybody’s gonna feel me, but mostly I’m talking about a lot of stuff that’s going on down South. I’m straight out of New Orleans and I’m trying to bring it to the world.”

So everybody get ready.

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