The Churchills – You Are Here

The Churchills
Artist: The Churchills
Title: You Are Here
Label: Universal
Rating: 5.5/10

The Churchills write catchy hooks, lines, and sinkers. “Beautiful” is the first hook. I heard The Churchills have caught the attention of a lot of industry insiders in both the music and TV world. They’ve been on “Spin City” and have had their t-shirts worn by the daughter of Tony Soprano; the hype is at super levels.

And I don’t hear the reason for it. The songs don’t really offer anything extraordinary. Sure, they sound nice, but there are thousands of bands that sound similar. The music will have your head bobbing back and forth. It’s happy-go-lucky, but the songs have nothing to distinguish them from a hell of a lot of other groups. The album’s best track is “Cars” because it sports a style unlike the rest of the album. If they’d made more tracks like this, I would understand why everyone is making a mess of themselves over this group. “Mysticated Girl” is hot. It comes a little late, but is good nonetheless. They should have tossed this song on as the second track since it’s one of the best.

The Churchills have left me confused and disturbed. The songs aren’t disturbing, but the way the album is laid out is bothersome. The last two songs should have come sooner. It would have kept me from snoozing.

+ cc morrisT

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