Beyonce – I Am Sasha Fierce – review

Artist: Beyonce
Title: I Am Sasha Fierce
Label: Sony
Rating: 8/10

Corporate line:
One of 2008’s most hotly anticipated album releases, “I Am..Sasha Fierce” marks the artist’s first new studio collection since the Grammy-winning multi-platinum-selling “B’Day” debuted at #1 on charts around the world shortly after its international release on September 4, 2006. With all songs co-written and co-produced by Beyonce, the artist’s third studio album is her most personal, reflective and revelatory collection to-date.

The good:

“If I Were A Boy” – The rare deep moments in the career of Beyonce comes with lyrics like “I think I could understand/How it feels to love a girl/I swear I’d be a better man.”

“Halo” – Another song that has more meaning than the usual Beyonce song. It’s nice to see her expand beyond the bubblegum pop songs of old.

“Disappear” – This is more vanilla and yet Beyonce’s voice steals the show and makes you forget that what you are listening to doesn’t call for depth.

“Ave Maria” – Beyonce only toys with the Mozart piece and yet it works surprisingly well.

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” – Sickly sweet and fun.

“Diva” – Hot, hot, hot. It’s funny to listen to Beyonce sing on a track that could easily be a hip-hop song.

The rest:
“Video Phone” – The rare track that doesn’t kill.

Beyonce is fierce. This is a surprising album. Why? Because its so solid and has many areas of depth that go beyond the norm of a pop singer. Anyone with a slight interest in Beyonce would do themselves a favor and buy this album.

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