David Cook – David Cook – review

David Cook
Artist: David Cook
Title: David Cook
Label: RCA
Rating: 4.5/10

Corporate line:
American Idol winner David Cook’s self-titled debut album is produced by Grammy winning Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Kid Rock), David Cook is a quality album full with radio hits. Cook co-wrote 9 songs from his debut, along with songwriters like Chris Cornell, Brian Howes & Cathy Dennis. The 1st single “Light On” was co-written by one of rock music’s most influential innovators, Chris Cornell, lead singer and songwriter for Soundgarden and Audioslave, and acclaimed producer / songwriter Brian Howes, who has worked with superstar rock bands such as Hinder and Puddle of Mudd.

The good:
Got nothing for you.

The rest:
“Declaration” – Sadly this makes Cook sound like cookie-cutter rock from the ’80s. I cringe at the thought of David Cook doing Journey and yet we now know what that would sound like.

“Heroes” – Not even close.

“Light On” – Even though this song was written by the Chris Cornell it didn’t mean that David Cook had to try and sing it just like Cornell and yet that is exactly what happened.

“Mr. Sensitive” – Paint-by-the-numbers rock.

“I Did It for You” – Cook has never been duller.

Where is the experimental David Cook that won American Idol? Cook can sing but he lost all his personality on this album. Perhaps they should have let him singing songs he wrote instead of trying to take on the personality of a dozen other writers. This album is completely lost on me.

“Light On” video


  1. Agree fully- so much raw talent once again pop/rock cookie cutter-produced by the 19 Records factory. Still hope to see what this guy does with real freedom and better material.

  2. I think you’re way off base. He shows off incredible vocals throughout the album. Lyrically, it wasn’t the most consistent. I’d say light on and declaration had the best lyrics. I don’t think that cook tried to be cornell. Cook has always cited cornell as an influence, and I think that came out in a few songs. the guitar solos (though you had to strain to hair them) were brilliant, and notice that you didn’t even mention permanent, which may be the best song on the album. By no stretch is this going to be the best album of the season, but i think you really under credited him.

  3. just happened by here and it’s so stupid how all these review people (I won’t call you writers cuz you’re not)! but how clueless and dumb you all are when you are reviewing music, it makes no different who it is, you never know what you are talking about. And it’s really funny how this album went platinum in less than two months and look at all the places and things david Cook has done! He is very respected but you wouldn’t know any of that would you? david Cook is not only a very hot artist right now on his SOLD OUT TOUR but he is a great human being in evey way and I’m sure there are many more silver disks on the way

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