Nickelback – Dark Horse – review

Artist: Nickelback
Title: Dark Horse
Label: Roadrunner
Rating: 4/10

Corporate line:
Nickelback have established themselves as one of the biggest rock bands in the world. With over 26 million albums sold worldwide they have made their mark in rock and roll history. Their new album, ‘Dark Horse’, is one of the most anticipated releases this year. The band brought in legendary producer Mutt Lange to produce the record with Nickelback and longtime collaborator Joey Moi.

The good:
If you find one let us know.

The rest:
“Something In Your Mouth” – As laughable as Warrant’s “Cherry Pie.”

“Gotta Be Somebody” – This will probably end up as a top-ten single, but it’s as generic as Nickelback has ever been.

”Burn It to the Ground” – Another reason not to buy the album.


Nickelback could have called the album “Juvenile” or “Here’s All We Got Left” because this is plain boring, juvenile and routine. There isn’t a hit song within a mile of this album. To compare it to AC/DC’s anthems would be like sticking history right up the ass of a legendary band. Nickelback hasn’t earned the right to sleep on the job.





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  1. Andy Avatar

    Your review is spot on! Not only is their music aweful, but to fight juveniles by being juvenile… Chad is such a douche!!!

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