David Archuleta – David Archuleta – review

David Archuleta
Artist: David Archuleta
Title: David Archuleta
Label: Jive
Rating: 7.5/10

Corporate line:
American Idol Season 7 fan favorite, David Archuleta has become a household name as he spent his 2008 summer on the nationwide American Idol tour with his fellow contestants. This album includes a sequence of Pop tracks from the industry’s most talented writers and producers. Archuleta’s first single ‘Crush’ was produced by Emanuel ‘Eman’ Kiriakou.

The good:
“Crush” – A great choice as a single. It lets Archuleta pick up where he left off on Idol with a confidence and power that made him a fan favorite. It doesn’t hurt that the song is smooth as honey.

“Touch My Hand” – Love the falsetto. This isn’t the vanilla pop song everyone would expect. It’s great to get the unexpected.

“My Hands” – Big, bold and surprisingly potent.

“Desperate” – This song makes Archuleta sound maturer than he ever has.

“Your Eyes Don’t Lie” – Starts off interesting and never loses that cool vibe that carries throughout. I’m not sure why one of the album’s best tracks is hidden at the end of the album.

The rest:
“A Little Too Not Over You” – A sappy, boring ballad.

“Running” – Another relatively boring song.

For what it’s worth I thought Archuleta should have won American Idol and now he has a chance to take on David Cook once again. I think history might prove that Archuleta was the real winner. It’s great to see that Archuleta didn’t go in the obvious direction of recording mindless pop songs. Instead he took a few risks and they paid off.


  1. Although I don’t agree with everything you say, you did a pretty thorough review and I appreciate it. I urge everyone to go to a clearchannel station such as 97.1 to hear the tracks yourself. The David fans are even more pleased than we thought with this album. It is fantastic. I challenge you to listen to “To Be With You” without crying. It was written by the new idol judge Kara DioGuardi. I also love Barriers among others on the album.

  2. His first album is thumbs up!! A variety of style doesn’t bore listeners. I have listened 12 songs and can’t wait to hear 5 additional songs. Radio friendly catchy songs are great, but personally I love ballads such as To Be With You and You Can. His voice is out of this world. The soft heartfelt voice hits right to my inner core. His masterful licks and runs are so smooth and nobody can teach that skill except himself. His emotional connection is way beyond his age. He is a gem.

  3. Good review… If you liked Your Eyes Don’t lie- You should listen to Somebody Out There! ( you can catch on Youtuve)
    It was only available through I Tunes pre-order. It is that soulful, bluzie vibe that I LOVE from David. I confess, I also loved To Be With You… The passion and the vocals in that one are well…. ( sigh)

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