Pink – Funhouse – review

pink funhouse
Artist: Pink
Title: Funhouse
Label: LaFace
Rating: 6/10

Corporate line:
Pink comes right on time in 2008 with her highly anticipated and provocatively personal “Funhouse” album, addressing both her public and private persona, as only Pink can. Teaming once again with hit-makers Max Martin, Billy Mann, and others, Pink is poised to leave another memorable mark worldwide! Since her debut in 2000, Pink (Alecia Moore) has been widely hailed as a fearlessly talented singer, songwriter and the Pennsylvania native’s genre-defying creative risk-taking has propelled her to global stardom. To date, the chanteuse has sold 22 million albums cumulatively worldwide.

The good:

“So What” – Divorce sucks and Pink turns it into cotton candy sprinkled with a bit of sour grapes. Yes, the lyrics are weak and lack depth [“I’m a rock star/ I got my rock moves”] and won’t be earning her a Grammy any time soon. Then again, it’s impossible to forget and that sometimes means more.

“Sober” – Pink digs deep on this ballad and sings with serious grit ala Stevie Nicks.

“Bad Influence” – This is Pink selling her bad-ass attitude and hooking it into a song that makes you sing, sing, sing-a-long.

“Funhouse” – The lyrics are impossibly bad: “this used to be a funhouse/ but now its full of evil clowns” and yet the song is interest and Pink hasn’t sounded this cool in a while. What does a critic do?

“Mean” – Someone slipped Pink a country song. Pink might have been better off lending the song to Carrie Underwood. Then again, Pink might do well in Nashville.

The rest:

“I Don’t Believe You” – A bland ballad that never showcases Pink’s style or talent.

“Crystal Ball” – A pretty song that doesn’t fit on an album called “Funhouse.” Pink should do a folk album.

“Ave Mary A” – It would have been better if she sang the real “Ave Maria.” I’d pay money to hear that.


Besides the amazing voice, it’s Pink’s personality that endears to her to fans and critics alike. Too often “Funhouse” doesn’t let her personality shine. “So What” is all attitude while “Sober” sounds like a Stevie Nicks song. Pink has always been eclectic, but never boring–a place she finds herself far too often on “Funhouse.”

Watch the live performance of “Sober”

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