Gorillaz Masterminds Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett To Premiere “Monkey Bee” Video, Curate YouTube Homepage For 24 Hours


Following on the heels of the September 23 release of “Monkey: Journey to the West” (XL Recordings), an album based on the Mandarin Opera reinterpreted by GORILLAZ creators Damon Albarn (music) and Jamie Hewlett (visuals), comes an October 28 YouTube homepage takeover during which the duo will premiere the “Monkey Bee” video and curate featured videos on the YouTube homepage for a full 24 hours.

Featured videos exclusive to the MONKEY YouTube Takeover will include:

o The world premiere of “Monkey Bee”

o The making of “Monkey Bee”

o Damon & Jamie’s YouTube takeover and curatorial introduction

o Damon & Jamie’s Excellent Adventure (feature-length documentary)

In addition to these MONKEY firsts, bloopers, B-Roll and assorted other material, the Takeover will also feature supplementary clips related to the themes and inspirations that helped shape the unique musical and visual aesthetic of JOURNEY TO THE WEST.

Watch the video for “Monkey Bee”

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