Robin Thicke – Something Else – review

Robin Thicke
Artist: Robin Thicke
Title: Something Else
Label: Interscope
Rating: NA

Corporate line: Robin Thicke is primed and ready for Something Else. “It was like everyone was saying the same things, worried about the same things and I just felt we needed something different right now. I asked myself do I have a light? What is that light? How can I spread it, share it and turn it into a Puff Daddy white linen Miami Beach party?” After his highly acclaimed 1.5 million selling album “The Evolution of Robin Thicke” garnering the smash hit “Lost Without U”, a tireless schedule of touring and appearances Robin needed to sit back, reflect on the last 2 years and start anew.

“On the last album I wanted to let people into my walk of life and connect my life to them and this album is more about involving great minds, hearts and spirits around me. When I started writing songs I was already embracing people and now I just wanted to dance and laugh with them”. With that spirit driving the creative process Robin has penned some of the best songs of his career from the retro meets modern groove of the first single “Magic”, the upbeat celebration of “Sidestep” to the picturesque “Dreamworld” he is taking the listener on a musical journey that is truly unique, sexy and invigorating. Something Else is exactly the kind of record that the world needs right now to feel inspired again.

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  1. All I can say is ” I like ’em Thicke!” I thoroughly enjoyed Something Else even though there were a few moments when I felt like there were strong similarities to the greats (i.e. Prince, Stevie Wonder, etc.). But I guess when you are great it’s OK to place yourself in the company/style/genre of those like yourself! If you haven’t already done so, go buy this CD and then GO GET YO GROOVE ON!!

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