Oasis to release “Dig Out Your Soul” in multiple digital formats


ig Brother Recordings have announced they will be making the new Oasis album, ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, available in two separate formats for download purchasers.

In addition to the full-length album, the band will be releasing a simple ten-track mp3 version for £5. This will be available from a variety of online stores and the band’s site at http://www.oasisinet.com.

A spokesperson for the label said, “We want to give the fans more of a choice. If you just want to get the tracks you’ve heard on the radio and check out a bit more of the band’s new music you can for a reasonable price”.

The full-length version of the album will also be available at all online stores and for fans that buy it on Oasisinet.com it comes with a half hour documentary on the making of the album.

This is the first time a new Oasis album has been made available on mp3 from release.

Finally, fans who pre-order ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ from iTunes will also receive a bonus track in the form of the Liam written ‘I Believe In All’ on day of release, as well as ‘Falling Down’ at time of order.

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