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Hollywood Undead are about to drop a musical bomb. On their debut album (A&M/Octone), they’ve concocted an explosive cocktail of hip hop, rock and metal,forging an alternative style that’s primed to blow the scene up. They craft incisive, sharp and sarcastic raps that slash the jugular of mainstream pop culture. They aren’t your standard rap or rock crew. They’re something new, dangerous, funny and alive. Deuce busts out the melodies. Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog and Charlie Scene lead the lyrical charge, while Funny Man drops rhymes, and Da Kurlzz hypes the fray. Donning individual masks, Hollywood Undead possess a dark aesthetic that’s connected to their hometown’s depravity. Tracks like “No. 5” dissect the frivolities of Hollywood with witty, catchy choruses. Album opener “Undead,” sets the tone, firing off a big melody and buoyant beats. Meanwhile, “Los Angeles” examines the town’s evil edge. However, Hollywood Undead has got the gusto to be earth shattering far beyond cyberspace. They’re already knocking at your door, and they’re about to break it down.

Hollywood Undead’s sound cuts with a distinct hip hop swagger and a brooding, hard rock aggression. The band recorded seventeen songs with production by Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails), Don Gilmore (Linkin Park) and Deuce. J-Dog describes the sound best. “It’s different genres mixed together with no holds barred. The rap songs are straight-up club songs. The rock songs are in your face and industrial. It’s a collaboration of six people with different thoughts, coming together and not holding back.” Charlie Scene elaborates further, “It’s the truth about what average, suburban teens are thinking. No one else is rapping about how those kids party and what they go through in life, but we are.”

Everything was born from a collaboration by Deuce and J-Dog in 2005. They posted a couple of their songs on the internet, and within a day, they had a slew of friends and plays.They inked a deal with A&M/Octone in 2008, and they’re ready to unleash their manifesto. Johnny 3 Tears delves deeper into the band’s message. “Our music and lyrics are just a communication of our lives. That’s the best way to define it. It’s all extremely and explicitly honest about stuff we go through–love, hate and pain. People see that honesty, and they respond to it. I want it to last forever for them. It’s not fleeting.”

The masks contribute to the band’s mystique. Charlie explains, “In order to keep everything a mystery, we didn’t want people to know what we look like.” That mystery is just as important to the band’s identity as the city is. J-Dog continues, “I’ve seen too many people who just couldn’t cut it out here. This city literally chews people up and spits them out. In Hollywood, there are aspiring actors, artists, crack heads, gang bangers, taggers, and homeless people. They all add to the culture. Growing up around so many different people made us who we are. Hollywood was always known for its rawness, and we have that.” The world will soon see that Hollywood Undead is as raw as it gets.

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  1. HU SUCKS | Jan 27, 2009 | Reply


    You’re a retard. (:

  2. i doin the samething there doin grupin people and fightin against war they mess wit uss we fuck them up

  3. we are young we have heart born in this world as it all fals apart we dont belong in a world as it all falls apart i see the children in the rain like parade before the pain i see the life i see the smile give it all 2 c u fly we wave dis flag of hatred because ur the ones who made it

  4. hollywood undead im 13 and wow they say what i feel black dhalia brake up no.5 a good happy song and what im listening to undead a fuking straight up bad ass song thnx guys keep on going you guys are going to be legends!!!

  5. Hollywood Undead is one of the best bands because they DO sing about what’s going on in the world and what kids actually do and go through. Don’t talk shit; you actually SHOULD listen to the goddamn lyrics(:

  6. I f-ing love johnny 3 tears he’s freaking sexy and hot second o love da kurlzz i mean his mask is so awesome and thiers songs are amazing and i gotta agree Duece’s vioce is tottallt sexy but he’s . . . ok

    i love thier songs knife called lust and dead in ditches best ever



  7. there not dumb there awesome and very talented people and if you don’t think so thats your opinon but you don’t have to ruin it for other people, because they might like Hollywood Undead.If your one of those people who dis hollywood undead its a waste of your time just to write that and i’m pretty sure that they know that not everybody likes them so don’t waste your time to read what people said and to write something.

  8. their music is good but they really dont have any talent. if you want a band with talent, listen to Korn or Slipknot or Lamb of God or some body else who actually plays instruments. Charliescene is the only one with any talent. Heard any of their songs live? They mess up so much…and…jake, ur 13? and H.D. says what u feel? when they have no real issues where they say they do and all their songs are the same? They sound good, but suck ass. Sorry, but its true. Bands like Korn have people with talent to play instruments and sing\rap and who have had real problems, such as bein rapped as a lil kid and havin abusive step parents and so many actual things that happend and H.D. comes along sayin some bullshit to make themselves look cool\troubled. They suck.(but still sound cool)

  9. Heyy. I’m Maxx and I just wanted to say that HU is the shiznit. I never really was interested in the genre of hip hop but HU got me interested. Check out Drake if you like HU!

    Keep on fxcking rocking!

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