Cave In – Antenna

Cave In
Artist: Cave In
Title: Antenna
Label: RCA
Rating: 7.5/10

Company Line: This same crowd seemed to enjoy searching for new bastard genres to describe Cave In’s music as much as they enjoyed the music itself.

The Good:
“Stained Silver” – Nice progressions and a good hook.
“Anchor” – A plain old good rock song. Period.
“Joy Opposites” – Interesting ‘whoa’ that sounds like a riff and again they bring it during a nice chorus.
“Beautiful Son” – Looking deep into the push given by parents to do all you can.
“Breath Of Water” – Good!

The Marginal:
“Inspire” – Good verses, too bad the hook drops off.
“Seafrost” – Off the usual road. It’s a progressive oddball but gets lost in its own art.

The Bad:
“Youth Overrided” – Not completely bad, but really is a throwaway track.

Frankly: If you love rock straight up no chaser then you’ll love Cave In.

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