Brooke Hogan knows best coming to VH1

Brooke Hogan

Daddy’s little girl Brooke, the butterfly of the Hogan family is spreading her wings and leaving the ever watchful eye of her father, the “Hulkster!” Still armed with her dreams of achieving pop supe-rstardom, the 20-year old is moving to Miami to begin her life as an adult. Time will tell if Brooke Knows Best as she breaks out of her parental cocoon and embarks on a life all on her own in Miami.

Premiering on Sunday, July 13 at 10PM*, “Brooke Knows Best” will follow Brooke and her new roommates Glenn and Ashley on their new adventures living single and solo in Miami. As Brooke will soon find out, growing up definitely has its pros and cons. She is now responsible for managing her own career and paying her own bills while coping with her parents’ separation. And in true Hulk fashion — despite his own busy schedule including various business opportunities and hosting American Gladiators – daddy Hulk can’t help interfering in Brooke’s business as she fights to claim her independence. Outside the ever watchful eye of her father, Brooke strives to tests the boundaries of her newfound independence by dating a guy who loves extreme sports, hosting her first house party, dealing with unwanted guests and living with roommates for the first time, apart from her family. Momma Linda is also around to help keep an eye on Brooke to make sure she is okay and guest stars in a few episodes. will offer sneak peeks of each episode every Thursday before the show’s Sunday night premiere, giving viewers a glimpse of what’s to come each week. Full episodes will also be available on online each Monday, following Sunday night’s on-air broadcasts. Additionally, will launch exclusive “Afterhours” segments of Brooke and her roommates, which will focus on their lives once the production cameras stop. VH1 Mobile will also offer select “Brooke Knows Best” video throughout the season. Brooke and the rest of the cast will also be active on – an innovative new social network that allows fans to connect directly with every member of the cast, view their personal pictures and video blogs and meet other fans of the show.

“Brooke Knows Best” is a production of VH1 in conjunction with Pink Sneakers Productions. Kimberly Belcher Cowin serves as executive producer, along with John Ehrhard as co-executive producer and director. Warren Cohen serves as supervising producer, along with Brad Abramson, Shelly Tatro and Jeff Olde as executive producers for VH1.


  1. I love your show Brooke, your Mother and Father ,brother too.I would love to give you some advice about going to school if youd like but I dont know what will happen if you stay into singing I know thats your passion and its also so much fun for you but like you said school is real and you know that there will be a future in that for you , too bad you couldnt try both I think if you do youll make up your mind quicker,and stll not be so pressured into choosing and making the wrong choise.I think like your Dad says ,your very good.You have a beautiful voice and choose the right kind of music.But I know going back to school is so important too. I think Im just confusing you.Do you pray to God or the Blessed Virgin Mary for any advice? I think your Dad is such a smart man, always trust him ! He loves you so much and so does your Mom.I sa w parts of you seeing your little brother I was so happy for yous two.Hes a very good young man I cant wait he grows up.Hell make your parents so proud of both of you guys.I dont believe that he deserved to go to jail .But maybe that gave him time to think .Im sure he grew up as well there. I hope hes home now . Nanc

  2. hey brook i’m angelica rojas a 29 yr old female from a little town called walla walla in washington i just thought i would drop by to see if this is for real the fact that we write to you hear and you respond well i hope to hear from you soon so i can ask you all the questions and tell you all that is on my mind

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