Darren Hayes is set to release a new live concert DVD

Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes is set to release a new live concert DVD. The DVD covers his most ambitious and critically acclaimed concert tour to date : The Time Machine Tour, and will see its release on July 22nd on Hayes’ label, Powdered Sugar Productions.

Hayes mounted an audacious tour, quietly selling out London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall, that hearkened back to the likes of Pink Floyd’s most outrageous stage production. The show, designed by legendary U2 and Rolling Stones’ designer Willie Williams, featured a 24 foot animatronic steel and neon origami bird, set pieces straight from a Jules Verne novel among other surprises.

A year before the likes of Radiohead, Hayes decided to snub the major label world and go it alone via his own label Powdered Sugar, to release his double album ‘This Delicate Thing We’ve Made.’ He brought great songs, intricate art piece music videos and a blistering live band into the mix.

The ‘suits’ advised Hayes against spending so much of his own money on such an elaborate show. But Hayes went forward and took the intricately planned production allover the UK and Australia. The DVD was shot in his hometown of Brisbane, Australia on the final night of the tour. “This was the tour I’ve always dreamed of. Bowie and Peter Gabriel made the blueprint for this type of rock theatre – and although it sounds morbid, doinga show like this was one of my ‘before I die’ wishes. I simply had to do something like this once in my lifeand I couldn’t think of a better moment than this period to try” Hayes said.

The combination of costume designs that were stitched by makers from the Royal Shakespeare Company and set pieces that were constructed by companies that put together U2’s Lemon and George Michael in front of the largest video screen ever built – the show was a spectacle that had to be seen to be believed.

“A joyous mix of pop, rock and electronica, delivered with verve and enthusiasm” – The Guardian

“Theatrical Extravaganza” – Manchester Evening News

Watch a preview:

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